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China's annual packaging waste up to 400 billion luxury packaging corruption

    Packaging waste to throw away 400 billion yuan per year

    China has the world's lcrystal cooperate trophy uxury packaging the worst countries, lack of standards difficult to curb the "casket" light "beads" phenomenon

    According to the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 28 - With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the moon cake has become a popular commodity on the market. Business target time, have introduced a variety of moon cake gift box. Over the long-standing in the food packaging, cosmetics and other areas of "chronic" problem once again aroused concern.

    Excessive pacrystal customized trophy ckaging phenomenon is intensified or reduced? Consumers pay package, is helpless or inevitable? When we can bid farewell to the excessive packaging?

    Less than 500 grams of tea to sell thousands of layers of packaging

   crystal award cup Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the major supermarkets and shopping malls of the moon cake counter full of people, business is booming. Reporters in Beijing for several major supermarket survey found that this year's moon cake, although prices generally rose, while the packaging is simple and many more in previous years, mainly paper-based, the box volume is relatively shrinking.

   crystal business gift China Bakery Sugar Products Industrial Association Zhunian Lin said, "" limit excessive packaging requirements - food and cosmetics "after the introduction of national standards, moon cake packaging industry over the phenomenon has been greatly improved, packaging material back to normal state."

    crystal medal However, in tea, wine,crystal model truck counter health care products, but it is entirely different.

    Packaged Tieguanyin, Dahongpao other tea, tea contains less than 500 grams, while the packaging is wooden box, leather box, plastic box, paper layers crystal truck model of phase sets, priced as high as several thousand dollars.

    Alcohol counters, the shape of dazzling novelty bottle. Among them, a dragon-shaped glass bottle, with gold ribbon in the pad box in a particularly eye-catching packaging.

    "Beyond the normal function of the packaging needs of the packaging ratio, layers, etc. is more than the necessary level of excessive packaging and some product packaging is difficult to recycle, waste resources, increase the burden on consumers, but also pollute the environment." International food packaging Association Executive Vice President and General Director Lion told reporters, more luxury boxes, often recycling materials more difficult. "Worth several hundred dollars a box of moon cake box, recovery price or even less than a dollar, and is not environmentally friendly material than the material can no longer use."

    According to statistics, there are one-third of municipal solid waste is packaging of waste, and packaging of waste in these more than half are deluxe packaging. China has become the world's luxury packaging of one of the most serious, solid waste, packaging waste accounts for half of the volume, the value of waste each year up to 4000 billion yuan.

    There profits are excessive packaging needs Nanjin

    Food, cosmetics and other fields, so heavy, "casket" light, "Pearl," why not?

    Measurement of Anhui Province Quality and Technical Supervision Department wenjia Quan said: "The simple packaging and added value than over-packaging manufacturer for their own interests, as Bo the attention of consumers, has introduced the luxury packaging, causing difficult to 'thin'."

    At the same time, consumers face a good idea seriously, the pursuit of beautiful gift packaging, high prices of goods, but also boost the emergence of the phenomenon of excessive packaging.

    He believes that producers are profit-driven, consumer demand is there, despite repeated prohibitions of excessive packaging is the root cause.

    Dong Lion said that policies, standards, the phenomenon of the imperfect is not a complete ban excessive packaging one of the reasons.

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