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QIN Yu Donghai Crystal bracelet that can be sent to the Mid-Autumn gifts

     Crystal bracelet to wear law is a luxurious, high-frequency crystal radioactive crystal is that it can attract energy radiation, for some of the crystal horses magnetic field, such as the cause of the Phantom, in charge of money Ametrine and the backbone of health-related crystal, are of radioactive crystal, should be worn on the right. As for the absorption of the crystal is a low frequency, is to gather some energy to absorb, for example, love the pink with crystal crystal gift baby and obsidian are of such a non-stop, should be worn on the left.

     crystal gift clock Product Image: QIN Yu Donghai Crystal Products Co., Ltd.

    crystal gift decoration Founded in 2007, is located in the hometown of the famous crystal - China, Donghai County, are self-employed, the main distribution and wholesale natural crystalcrystal car model jewelry and a variety of naturalcrystal diamond keychain crystal crafts, since its inception has been to quality and dedicated service win the trust of our customers and praise. The company mainly engaged in semi-natural bulk LED crystal keychain crystal beads, crystal bracelet, crystal necklace, crystal ball and other crystal ornaments, crystal carving the company of "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customers first" principle provide our clients with quality service. Welcome to us!

    crystal ship model ; Health functions: radiation; gift objects: get parents / elders, to send his girlfriend / wife, to send to friends, send customers to send leaders to send students to send teacher to send her sister / sister; use the occasion of Commerce public relations, customer appreciation, wedding, birthday , graduate studies, other.

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