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3D TV market into the 2011 best-selling TV products

   Since 2010, along with the increasing number of 3D movies, 3D television market began to explode. According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronic Product Investigation Office has published the "2011 first half of the urban consumer demand for flat-panel TVs Investigation Report" data: 3D TV in the first half than second half 2010 sales growth has reached five times this year,crystal building model consumer 3D television than-expected growth in the year expected to exceed 600 million units, color TV market in 2011 to become the best selling products.

    In the 3D TV market, crystal pen set driven by hot, Samsung, LG, Changhong, Konka, TCL, Hisense and other TV companies, are trying to step up efforts pushing 3D televisions. Among them, Samsung, Konka, crystal souvenirs TCL and other mainstream TV is the core business on a 3D TV, so that consumers have more choices.

    According to my understanding, new this spring, the Konka TV for the mainstream market a sharp intelligent health network's flagship 3D product 988PD five series of new products, by virtue of the excellent performance of five popular products market, and become intelligent 3D TV products most attention and the highest-selling product.

    crystal bottle stopper In the 3D content is also very rich, Konka join a leading new media audio-visual business operators, service providers BesTV, the user presents a wealth of exciting video content and 3D applications. Blockbuster, as the only certified by the State Administration of Radio HD 3D video TV channel,crystal pyramids has the most genuine, most sophisticated, most affordable 3D movie, and to ensure that the film-to-date, so that 3D content at your fingertips.

    It can be said, Konka together BesTV will become the only color TV industry to provide full services free online sources for 3D television brand, crystal horses through the combined upstream and downstream industry chain, to form a new win-win business model, work together to build sustainable development co-operation of Chinese color TV ecosystem.

    In addition to outside Konka, TCL is also in the field of 3D TV performance is quite positive, in March this year, TCL put a total of X9200, V8200, and P7200 series of three super-smart Internet 3D TV, which launched X9200 58-inch main screen products , V8200, introduced the 55,46 and 40-inch three products, while the P7200 is covered 55,46,42,40 and 32-inch five, three series of new formation of the most powerful super-intelligent 3D Internet TV lineup fully meet the needs of different consumers.

    According to reports, TCLX9200 series not only have the experience of super-intelligent, progressive high definition 3D technology, and the use of 21:9 true widescreen cinema, will give consumers a visual experience to perfection. V8200 series and X9200 have the same experience, super intelligent, progressive 3D technology, and uses the ultimate crystal technology. P7200 series and the first two products of different in that its unique to the narrow frame design, and has perfect quality, very energy saving, is the heart of consumer choice.

    As a result, accelerate as 3D TV, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General, said home appliance expert Lu Renbo: 3D TV is a general trend, the next few years will show explosive growth of the state of affairs, it is worth our attention and look forward to.

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