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« Lighting Enterprises sprint "Golden September and Silver October," season four initiatives welcome3D TV market into the 2011 best-selling TV products »

Shiseido ZEN design interpretation of perfume

      Information easy to read, Welcome to the information afternoon tea time. When the clock struck three times, the gift handicraft industry for the afternoon tea and all the moments pause, every day at 3 pm, HC Gift Crafts Network meet you.
   [Read] fine chemicals slowly: crystal wine stopper china reading, analysis, hot industry news

    Shenzhen will be children's toys and products included in the supervision and checking of focus Keywords: toys, children's

    Standing Committee has brought to market the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Quality Management Ordinance (Revised Draft)" will be children's toys and other children's products added to the supervision and spot checks of key products, and increased sampling frequency, quality, integrity,crystal wine stopper manufacturer information disclosure other aspects of the relevant provisions. The provisions of the Amendment Bill ... ... more>>

    Crazy double:china crystal gift and craft fruit near Jinan City, Mid-Autumn Festival began, "warm" Key words: Mid-Autumn Festival, the market

    As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Jinan City, trading volume continued to enlarge fruit, pre-holiday "warm up" campaign has begun. crystal table clock Peaches, grapes and other varieties of seasonal selling prices to recover. 26, I learned from Dikou fruit wholesale market, as the weather turned fine, if pre-market crystal square ashtray sweep away the haze ... ... more>>

    crystal hanging decoration [Wealth] Hui said: listen to HC about business, wealth story

    King Hu Zhibiao old standard: to teach SMEs how to "mine" Keywords: advertising, gas field

    "crystal hanging ornament ;Hu Zhibiao came back to it!" After a lapse of ten years, the name, or a gas field. "Love more VCD, good effort!" Phrase shouted over the country ten years ago the popular slogan, spokesperson Jackie Chan, and behind the protagonist named Hu Zhibiao. Hu Zhibiao Who are you? After a lapse of crystal lotus candleholder ten years, many people may have forgotten. But the mention of love more VCD, mention of price in 1997 to 210 million yuan into the CCTV advertising "Standard King" crystal candle stand sensation, many people would think once high-flying business genius ... ... more>>

    Xue Manzi: Li and others are able to find a happy start madman Keywords: business, sales

    "crystal plane model Moon cake ticket clerk recruitment Xing Hua Lou," "Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of moon cake ticket sales do that," ... ... moon cake sales season approaching, moon cake coupons recruiting part-time staff posts start to appear on the Internet, including "Chen Yong (pseudonym)" in this company. Ronaldinho a candidate students, to the author about the training and part-time sales of moon cake coupons all the experience, crystal building model and the company of selling moon cake coupons mode of operation. The company of the recruitment, training, management, nearly a hundred young moon cake coupons sales ... ... more>>

    [Scoop]: regional news, international trial

    QIN Yu Donghai Crystal Bracelet Autumn gifts that you can send Keywords: bracelets, Mid-Autumn Festival

    Crystal bracelet to wear law is a luxurious, high-frequency crystal radioactive crystal is that it can attract energy radiation, for some of the magnetic field, such as the cause of the Phantom, in charge of money Ametrine and the backbone of health-related crystal, are of radioactive crystal, should be worn on the right. As for the absorption of the crystal is a low frequency, is to gather some energy to absorb ... ... More>>

    [Creative] funny: funny ideas everywhere, unusual gift attracts attention

    Detachable racks hung with all kinds of clothes and stability of wood with Keywords: hanger, clothes

    Wooden collar tight clothes have encountered the need to cram into the hanger? Wooden collar has encountered too much, a sign of trouble, slipped the white clothes from the wash racks? Designers of this hanger can be folded, like a map can be free, as will all the clothes hang and stable ... ... More>>

    Shiseido ZEN interpretation of perfume packaging perfume packaging design Keywords: packaging, perfume

    The packaging is a beautiful fragrance purchase To draw attention to one of the key, so only so many unique and beautiful perfume bottle. Designers IgorMitin Nature inspired, designed a series of ZEN perfume packaging concept, the white conch, bamboo, rocks, interpreted from the package went to the taste of perfume is to immerse you in a quiet and peaceful nature ... ... more >>

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