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Lighting Enterprises sprint "Golden September and Silver October," season four initiatives welcome

    Lighting companies are finally subside,china crystal ball ushered in the year of the season, crystal ball company "Golden September and Silver October," the face of the most critical year in the best sprint time, companies actively preparing for work, to meet the season's off-season to bring a wash haze.

    Massive Lighting brand business recruitment

   October to December,crystal gifts manufacturer the general lighting industry will enter a season. This real estate development company with many options at this stage most of the push plate volume are closely related.diamond supplier At the same time, the approach of the end, many families also fitting climax, which will be sold at this stage lights to form a peak. Since late August, to enter,crystal pendant china Reporters visited the industrial park and found that many businesses put up a recruitment brand lighting inspiration. Like the Huayi Group, Wenlian Lighting, Rolls Veyron, Alex, Ike Liston and other lighting brands have posted a recruitment design, installation, sales of inspiration. Huayi Group recruitment manager told reporters: 'Now the main recruitment season is in response to the sales, business is good will we have recruitment needs,crystal gift supplier we can say that this year's lighting business season has arrived. 'When I asked the recruitment time is too late, the official explained, the company recruits mainly technical crystal perfume bottle supplier classes in general have a certain experience, you can simply training posts.

    crystal craft company Although the season is approaching, but the lighting in the town street lights, street shops, whether or star stores have shown consistent with the time is not deserted. crystal craft factory Lighting shops in the bargain are also not expected to warm scene, part of the store renovation to upgrade three or four lines is difficult to cover most of the brand of melancholy mood. 'This time in previous years, will be busy. 'A store lady told reporters.

    Multi-party interaction, providing cost-effective products

    This year,crystal animal supplier whether raw materials or labor, logistics costs have increased dramatically, resulting in crystal lamps, European-style lamp costs have gone up. However, the regular season facing the industry, even if not yet particularly evident signs, but the brand has begun a comprehensive cutting-edge layout,crystal ashtray factory especially in high cost areas under the foot work. Main European crystal light years Zhongshan Lida Lighting responsible Qi Haijun Hao told reporters: 'This year restriction that the greatest impact on first-tier cities, second and third tier cities, fairly decent business, and major consumer groups, or the pursuit of simple, stylish style. So the arrival of the season should be, in our R & D team has recently designed for this part of the cost of consumer products. 'Of course, companies should break during the peak season sales, market share to be provided cost-effective products and not rely solely on R & D, need to coordinate the linkage of other resources.

    This year, Haolida Lighting Modern crystal lamps will further promote the terminal to achieve specialization, standardization, harmonization, from lighting to furniture, shop fitting and even used custom tiles are arranged by the headquarters here, truly 'control terminal '. The Huayu Lighting brands Rolls Veyron also spared prepared. It is understood that 'Rolls Veyron' through the introduction of 'bulk purchasing, mass production, adequate inventory, zero profit selling' mode of operation, and supply chain, sales chain to work closely with large-scale production, in order to reduce the single-round product procurement and production costs, so that 'Rolls Veyron' products at very competitive low-cost, high-quality market share. 'Rolls-Veyron' The Storm launched a series of promotions through mass inventory, greatly improving the delivery speed to achieve when the world is single, next day shipping. This traditional crystal lighting industry is rare.

    Concerned about the inventory, make channels through the boundaries of the seasonal balance

    In previous years, for the upcoming season, many companies are particularly concerned about the brand lighting inventory. But this year, many lighting companies as the situation can not accurately predict the peak season, so only a part of regular inventory. Ike Liston, general manager Yong Lee also said: "Lighting is very risky business to do inventory. First, crystal lamps, European-style lights, modern lighting styles change fast; Secondly, lighting products have a certain shelf life, inventory may result in oxidation of rust plating; again, do the inventory will have to invest large sums of money, if not busy season this year , the impact will be the development of the entire enterprise. '

    It is understood that currently includes Huayi Group, Ike Liston, Winbond lighting, Italian lighting and so on in the channel under the foot to improve and expand the effort. 'Instead of waiting for the so-called season, it is better to seize the time to do through the channels to balance seasonal boundaries. 'Italian Lighting general manager Yu Yuan Yuan said so. It is understood that some of these companies in the near future on a regular basis at club and home improvement design company, and have set up a special non-standard engineering departments, strengthen home lighting projects first-tier cities has been shrinking sales orders. HS, chief planner marketing plan studio said HAES, product homogeneity and market competitiveness and relatively low sales of the consequences will inevitably be reflected in the terminal. Therefore, the lighting company to do to break the conventional short season, in particular, is difficult to predict the peak season is coming, but should diversify in the development, in order to share the past, the risk of a single channel. E-commerce classes this year in home crystal lamp, modern lamp more concerned about the channel. Source of lighting products such as recently established a new e-commerce, the main Internet sales of classic products, but also to channel to create the professional image of its genuine.

    [Season] four major initiatives to meet the first half of home lighting poor sales, businesses are gearing up with their own actual situation have to take four measures to embrace the season may come.

    1, store decoration

    According to the newspaper around the stations and staff to reflect, from late June this year, many stores began renovation of the outer wall. Official said that renovation is mainly to attract more popular, to the customer to create a good atmosphere. The part of the decoration business in addition to channel development to increase the flow of products, while also increasing crystal lamps, European-style lanterns, modern light show and stocking, to promote the retail store sales increase.

    2, new product promotion

    It is understood that, in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen, with higher consumption, environmental awareness of the relatively strong carbon-tier cities, many businesses have tried to show crystal lamps with LED light and modern lighting. Although some new businesses have not officially unveiled, but all have had to adjust the layout of the store, in order to allow enough space to display.

    3, the service first

    Currently, many businesses have set up separate services, including online shopping guide and installation of distribution line. In order to meet this coming season, many businesses will be the end consumer at the service in advance, for the service good impression. For example, sending a professional electrician to new and old customers to provide professional home cleaning and lighting source testing services, not only as before, publicity, and other customer-site transaction do service.

    4, publicity

    With the new lighting throughout the store continues to build, business increased, the market increasingly competitive, the season before the arrival of advertising has become a required course for many businesses. It is understood that retail outlets tend to local newspapers, television stations, outdoor advertising, and wholesalers prefer appeared in the media industry. July this year, whether manufacturers or distributors, on the one hand should be strengthened through existing sales channels, advertising, on the other hand should be delivered to customers through advertising instant new information and trends in business.

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