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Good Fortune Feng Shui necessary to improve the feng shui stone

    In Feng Shui, Crystal has a "Feng Shui Stone", known as Crystal is a variety of natural elements from the earth's crust (minerals) deposits accumulate,LED crystal keychain then by the hundreds of millionscrystal ship model of years to form all kinds of grown up like the natural lens. Each crystal contain different energy frequencies and with different magnetic fields and functions. Crystal wide range of uses, there is focus on refraction, data storage, transfer information, such as energy conversion and energy to expandcrystal cooperate trophy the role of the use of natural crystal Allelopathy five elements theory, but also to improve the home's feng shui crystal state.
     To increase housing wealth, can be placed in the living room corner or put white druse white crystal ball, it will protect the home's gas field, crystal customized trophy to help air flow and wealth cohesion.

     crystal award cup If you want to residential crystal business gift Lucky can be for residential door or balcony for outside display of yellow Shui Jingdong, this will attract outdoor angry, help residential gas production gas gathering.

     crystal medal If you want to increase the children's Wenchang operation can be placed in children's desk or bedside amethyst ball, both to develop their children's intelligence,crystal model truck can increase children's sense, amethyst ball can ease their children caused by reading eye fatigue.

     crystal truck model To promote feelings between house dwellers and enhance popular movement, the bed can be placed in the front seven powder can be transported to promote marriage and popular transport.

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