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Italy Pitti Men Show: Innovation is a constant theme

    58 years of history, the world's top men's event, which is the Pitti show two key words. There is a connection between you? The answer is yes.crystal square ashtray No one can deny the Pitti show the rich cultural connotation and deep historical heritage to establish the status of its top made ??a huge role. However, crystal hanging decoration it has a long history enough? The answer is "NO". Like many things, like history, its role is twofold, both to promote the side, but also inhibit new ideas,crystal hanging ornament new things have side. This time, crystal lotus candleholder innovation is very important.crystal candle stand Pitti exhibition seems to understand this, in addition to continuing to consolidate the existing achievements and infrastructure, but also innovation in the exhibition crystal plane model standards, participating brands,crystal building model display style, clothing with other aspects of innovation. Innovation, has become another one of the words Pitti show.
   Live models and a combination of design presentation refreshing. With expression, movement of live shows in addition to seem "fresh", crystal pen set very easy to see wearing effect. Blue and white squares shirt, white jacket, blue casual shoes with a full Mediterranean style, choose the background picture of the wall hanging for the show added some artistic sense; beige suits, not only in this year's fashion trends, but also seems capable, stable,crystal souvenirs and den or office background props perfect echo.

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