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Know feng shui can not afford to take care of people injured or even bankruptcy for the fiscal changes

        Plants urge financial skills to talk about plants, accounted for in feng shui is a very important position, because it is easy crystal craft factory to buy, but also in line with the natural laws of feng shui. Plants in Feng Shui wide range of applications, there used to ward off evil, but also useful for traversing this route money. However, many people are scanty, that put the plant is necessarily good. In fact, the use of the method to put the plant by Wang's crystal animal supplier feng shui is very demanding.

    crystal ashtray factory First of all, whether it is to ward off evil or urge financial Ye Hao, plants must meet the following principles: Tall, big-leaf, leafy, water species.

   crystal wine stopper china Tall plant species should

     crystal wine stopper manufacturer Plants must be high body, china crystal gift and craft and highly depends on the position of the display; if it is on the windowsill, then six to seven inches on the most suitable, if it is on the door, then at least two feet or more is better; but if it is placed in the hall or the financial position of the whole house, then at least three feet tall or more before they can. Large-leafed species of plant should be large leaves, should not plant some leaf-shaped plant was long and pointed.

crystal table clock

  Species of plants to water

     Water plants, means that the plants need watering frequently, often without water spray, such as cacti and other plants is feng shui taboo....

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