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A preventive measure: Leonardo da Vinci to the lighting industry event alarm

   "The Da Vinci furniture" caused by the integrity of the topic, it should be said not only to the relevant regulatory authorities a lesson in integrity classes, whether because of lack of business integrity, key in the hands of these sectors. But also to the entire furniture industry and even the lighting industry companies has sounded the alarm. This faith is the courage to consumers to spend money in a legitimate market,china crystal ball shop with confidence, bold consumer base, must not be lost. In short, the da Vinci fraud case of the furniture industry is a dangerous signal for the lighting industry crystal ball company is quite a warning. We can say that Leonardo da Vinci fraud case sounded the alarm to all sectors, all sectors of the related departments should attach importance to, crystal gifts manufacturer and production enterprises should also be a preventive measure.

    In recent years, lighting and ceramics, furniture, sanitary ware, floor pan and other household areas are becoming increasingly close, cross-industry co-operation already staged the exciting drama. Furniture and lighting industry has long been "marriage", I see the Da Vinci furniture store in Guangzhou, the store is scene experience model, in which the lighting has become the main supporting role.diamond supplier According to my understanding, the lighting industry, especially in light crystal lamps and European companies have most of the furniture used and "marriage" crystal pendant china sales model.

    Resources complement each other, can really enhance the strength, but only to ensure both quality in the industry in order to have strong Hengqiang realistic way. crystal gift supplier Nowadays, the Chinese lighting industry is in a period of rapid growth, a promising market prospects. But the corresponding development of the industry is far from mature,crystal perfume bottle supplier a variety of quality companies mixed, uneven, plagiarism has become a trend to earn excess profits, market share, many companies opportunistic, unscrupulous. Of external publicity, often exaggerated, fabricated, such as product-page technical parameters indicated in general are higher than the true level, crystal craft company and if the virtual standard power or energy-saving lamps "to dilute brine charge" phenomenon, are all a reflection of the lighting industry, the lack of good faith .

    I have seen recently in light, many companies the name of "foreign" on the cover to survive in the Chinese market, "American production", "Korean", "made in Italy" countless. However, there are many homes is the real "foreign goods", how many of the "Da Vinci" to "import" in the name of the murder of the interests of consumers, we are not solved. However, I believe that these companies not only have a fawning hobby. According to industry sources, the lighting business in foreign registered trademarks, and then sold at high prices of domestic lighting is actually known to everyone in the industry. He said that manufacturers in pursuit of profit, the original low-cost lighting becomes expensive lighting, some companies in the raw materials to make a fuss, that is, foreign-registered company, registered a trademark, and then exported to the domestic production of raw materials foreign registered companies, allow the export of these materials from their own registered company back home, this way, the same batch of goods around in a circle of imported raw materials become transformed.

    Enterprises regardless of size, has certain social responsibilities. In the whole community has become increasingly concerned about the livelihood context, not corporate social responsibility, can not long survive. A general lack of faith in the bad environment, we need to stand up and industry insight, the courage to defy world opinion, swindling consumers are exposed business accusation, common cleaning industry operating environment.

    Of course, the government, authority to strengthen the supervision on the industry, increase the lack of good faith, consumer fraud, corporate punishment. At the same time, to warn those who are complacent, not yet revealed the secret fortune by cheating business, quickly turn back, turn back. Those who now insist on honesty, being disgruntled and do not lose business, is the so-called "tree, so melon, sown." Paper tiger is a paper tiger, turtle, no matter how packaging is "Eupolyphaga" will eventually show itself eventually.

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