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Dwelling exactly which part of feng shui is the most important?

    What is the upper hand in Sheung Shui, a good house? How to make the existing house conditioning better?

    1, to find a good feng shui of the house, all right it?

    A: Of course not, if you live in or buy (rent) to an upper hand in Sheung Shui, busy house, then that end of the story, crystal trophy this is wrong. Because any bit of science in accordance with principles of Dwelling divided into eight directions. Each position change due to the five elements, have different good and bad fortune, so only the so-called "Kyrgyzstan" and "fierce side" of the points.

    Your friends to remember: any Dwelling in each room with Kyrgyzstan are in fierce, fierce guitar in the band.crystal gifts For example, some private room in the improper operation of the fierce side, but if we measured the door of the Dwelling, master bedroom door or office door, the study door, the financial doors in the residence depends on the Kyrgyz side, then we say that Dwelling also can be suitable for residence or office. Anti-vice versa: Although private room feng shui is good, but if the door so bad Dwelling, then the Dwelling is still not very good,crystal laser not suitable for residential and office.

    2,crystal products home items placed in different directions will have any effect?

    A: The five elements are in control of anything, so items placed in different directions, five elements in different directions will naturally have an impact, thus affecting the person's own health and fortune.

    china crystal For example: If the home's south-east of the white crystal display sharp, then the eldest daughter of residence depends on the natural bone will often feel pain, or had eye diseases. Similarly, if the home man of the house often hoarse, coughing, or nose and throat problems, then, to find a residence depends on the northwest direction. crystal box A position must be a problem. Such as the northwest corner position or missing items such as hanging red.

    3, Dwelling who lack the northwest corner will affect?

    A: Dwelling of different directions represent different family members, therefore, lack of residence depends on the northwest corner would be man of the house (father) will be affected. Dr Cheng told you: the Northwest five elements are gold, the element of gold are in charge of the human lung, throat, nose, tongue and colon.

    Therefore, the lack of the northwest corner, the father of these organs would be a serious impact on health, while his father's fortune is adverse. Here, the father of the man of the house on behalf of Dwelling.

    4, residence depends on which part of what the most important?

    A: Actually, that part of the Dwelling is very important, are indispensable. We can metaphor: the door of the nose, is the heart of the master bedroom, the kitchen is the mouth, the bathroom is water, study your hand, your foot living room, the balcony of your forehead. The door of the nose, in other words, if you are breathing fresh air at all times, so natural spirits, or smoke are polluting the air, certainly not the spirit of the dying.

    So the door must be opened in Kyrgyzstan. The importance of the door from the ancient word can be discerned: "I would rather repair ten Mei, do not fight a door", door position not only better, and that the door width, height, materials, colors, etc. are particularly luxurious. Otherwise, no matter how good the rest of Dwelling, the door is not good, then bad.

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