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Qixian cooperation with Czech crystal glass production line construction project

     Crystal glass in Europe, "transparent gold" of the world. The main origin for Western Europe, Germany, France,crystal hanging decoration Italy and Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries in Europe in the 16th century became the world's crystal glass art center.crystal hanging ornament After three hundred years of development, as the center of Eastern Europe the Czech crystal glass production technology has matured, the world leader in production technology. The main products are color crystal series, crystal series of hand-gilt, colorful crystal series, crystal lotus candleholder crystal series white,crystal candle stand fine hand-carved crystal series, color kiln glass series, the Arab-style series. Especially hand-gilt crystal is the most traditional craftsmanship and the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic is a microcosm of traditional handicrafts, and are blowing the old manual process, with high art value. Czech Bohemian crystal is the crystal glass and Europe's leading brand.

crystal plane model

    crystal building model In recent years, due to labor shortages and the Czech Republic by the high cost of production factors, many enterprises have relatively low production costs in China's crystal pen set investment or cooperation intention. In August 2006, the Czech Republic Entrepreneurs and Managers Association vice president, Mr. Ivo ? Gedo who came to the county inspected the glassware industry. Especially the financial crisis, the crystal glass industry iscrystal souvenirs also facing unprecedented challenges, some companies on the verge of bankruptcy, and the county UOB, Wang Yi, Jing Peng, extensive business contacts,crystal bottle stopper county crystal glass industry in Europe to undertake transfer facing good opportunities. County cooperation with Czech crystal glass production line construction project implemented in two steps:

     crystal pyramids Cooperation is mainly since the early sample processing, market-based, Qixian Czech glass production in the domestic construction business sales network in foreign flagship brand of Bohemia, the Czech glassware sales network, products, the low mainly, the estimated annual processing capacity of 100 million package, output will reach 300 million yuan, profits of 150 million yuan now.

     Since the late co-partnership Qixian plant-based, high-end flagship product, the estimated annual output of up to 10 million yuan, profits and taxes 400 million. The total investment of 400 million yuan.

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