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A comprehensive perspective of the world's largest gold ring

     china crystal ball Here is the Dubai gold market, I believe that all women are here to speed up the heartbeat. Stretches a few blocks of a variety of gold jewelry shops, crystal ball company windows hung with a variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, dazzling, almost the entire world in a variety of styles you can see here.
   Consumers crystal gifts manufacturer pleasant surprise is that all of the accessories are priced in grams, design fees and fee are waived. As such a large market for gold, there is diamond supplier an eye-opener "towns treasure" - the world's largest a gold ring, which has entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

     The ring is a crystal pendant china recent appearance crystal gift supplier in the Dubai gold market, weighing nearly 64 kg, 615 crystals inlaid. The ring belongs to a Saudi jeweler, is 55 workers spent 45 days crafted, ring circumference of 2.2 meters, which are more than enough of an adult standing. Cost to build the ring alone reached 300 million, equivalent to 19.47 million yuan, but the ring is not for sale.

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