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Pure Italian crystal to attain white elegant style

    - The world's first to obtain complete sets of IF-winning Casa Imperial appliances debut Green Fair

    July 7, 2011, crystal ship model Asia's most influential China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) opened in Qingdao. International high-end appliance brand Casarte Casa Imperial showcased the world's first to obtain a white crystal set of IF-winning home appliance products, with its unique Italian-style elegance of the world's ultimate consumers presents a visual feast, a the exhibition of the most eye-catching highlight of the creative.

    To attain the elegant Casa Imperial deep flavor lasting charm

   crystal cooperate trophy Casa Imperial white crystal in series products of pure white visual presentation, the audience unprecedented artistic enjoyment. Among the many international consumer electronics giants competing to stage fighting Yan, Casa Imperial in a Jingya and aesthetic, the ultimate but restrained attitude, crystal customized trophy endless fascination. "People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is in the dim light," perhaps in the entire Casa Imperial is a true portrayal of the show.

    crystal award cup Casa Imperial's chief designer, said Francisco, a white crystal in series of products inspired by the famous Italian "paradise town" Trulli, and continues the brand Casa Imperial innate artistic style. Experience the entire white crystal products, like exposure to the Mediterranean Sea, crystal business gift in the blue sky was a beautiful white stone around the top cone, forget the hustle and bustle of the outside world, in their daily home life in the quiet elegance and freedom to enjoy the beauty of the soul. This family includes a refrigerator, washing machine, oven, range hood, gas stoves, crystal medal disinfecting cabinet, electric water heater, gas water heater, a total of nine air-conditioning products. This is so far the world's first to receive IF award sets of appliances.

   crystal model truck Years of accumulation under the memories of a life collection and moved. Casa Imperial is the persistence and accumulation in such a release to attain an elegant art and life elements. Casa Imperial Department of white crystals melting together a set of global design and innovation, the essence crystal truck model of this Green Fair appearance, to show the world a beautiful, relaxed lifestyle: a cup of coffee, a roll of good books, and wandering around in the sun oblique spreading, full of Italian style of your living room, makes an instant taste of the lattice degree of sentiment and enjoy the art of living ... ... living in them, read what the flavor, a celebration of elegance.

    Casa Imperial perfect interpretation of the life style "home of art"

    Person's life is about half of the dream home, the warmth of home, the comforts of home, family romance ... ... in this free space, earth noise, irritability quietly fled. While everyone's dreams are different, but the share of family attachment and prolonged sustenance. Casa Imperial to "draw inspiration for fine living, creating timeless art of quality" for the design concept for the elite group effort to build a "home art" and "style of life."

    With the accelerating pace of life, the elite group of values ??is undergoing profound changes, they are more concerned about the life of the product concept and delivery style. Casa Di adhering to the "Creative home appliances, life style" brand philosophy, committed to technological innovation and industrial design to support the quality and taste, the perfect fusion of performance and function, emphasizing the artistic design and design art, to to consumers on aesthetic and spiritual senses to experience and enjoy the unique industrial design blossoms brought freedom and comfortable.

    Since landing in China market in 2007, Casa Imperial has quickly entered the Chinese nearly one million high-end home, with its forward-looking, elegant life-style changes advocated for many elite crowd full of Italian style to bring the most perfect "quality "Life. June 2010, Casa Imperial Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo will be held at the Italian "style of life White Paper" launching ceremony, creative interpretation of urban style living. September 2010, Casa Imperial carrying Ma Yanli, Jinyu Hong, Rui Xiao Chi, Yan month, Li Dongtian and many other "life artists" Casa Di Creative unveiled the concept of home appliances exhibition. In April, the Italian Casa Imperial "elegant style" to the world's most beautiful sport - figure skating, start the "ice qualifying child," so kids have found beautiful eyes, ability to create beauty. So far, Casa Imperial has been in the industry held a "real touch? Move, style feast" as the theme of the series, a series of activities such as fancy cocktail competitions, realized through the senses of touch and to feel the spiritual life of the Creative perfect interpretation.

    Home is Casa Di remain constant concern of the core, Casa Imperial is not just a high-end appliance brand, but also represent a way of life and attitudes. She not only meets the very elite crowd to enjoy the "quality" of life, the potential demand, to provide more advanced life to respond to future trends in elegant solution. Because immortal classic, it never ended. Casa Imperial has always been a confident and elegant gesture to show the world: life style is not far away ... ... Casa Imperial household appliances at your fingertips for you to create the style of life.

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