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The 6th Chinese small home appliance trade fair opened on August 19 will be

    The 6th Chinese small home appliance Fair tomorrow (August 19) in Huang Pu International Convention Center, the reporter learned from the organizers, crystal craft factory this year added an outdoor pavilion, a total of five museum, an area of 30,000 square meters now nearly 600 exhibitors.

     crystal animal supplier The last exhibition site to create a turnover of 562 million yuan this year, highlights what the transaction? According to reports, this fair use of the "2011 China's small household appliances Fair +2011 audition Digital Exhibition" exhibition mode, the original kitchen appliances,crystal ashtray factory small electric living, white goods, home appliances outside support, plus audio-visual digital Show on audio products, video products, digital products, accessories, the exhibition will reach eight major product categories product system.

    crystal wine stopper china This year as in previous years, there are many traditional channels of business delegation to purchase, such as Jusco, Lotus, Carrefour, Gome, Suningcrystal wine stopper manufacturer in addition to more than a year, such as Jingdong Mall, Joyo, red boy-peer network large purchasers to "treasure."

   china crystal gift and craft   B2C e-commerce site as well - "Jingdong Mall" This year will be carried out on large-scale exhibition of small appliances investment will purchase products including life, crystal table clock small appliances, small appliances, and strange new small appliances for OEM cooperation; hardware aspects, including the ceiling, tile, flooring, bidet, crystal lamps, decorative lamps, metal ware, kitchen hardware, door locks and so on. It is understood that more than 100 companies to attend.

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