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Maotai led the Mid-Autumn Festival gift market price Teti, Xinjiang Yili

   Maotai 53 degrees in Shanghai Scoop up a bottle of 1788 yuan, 1999 yuan in Guangzhou Scoop up now Xinjiang is also the most expensive sold for 1599 yuan. "Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, rumors even Maotai prices."

    August 8,china crystal ball Tianshan Department Store name cigarettes, said wine sales counter, almost a year before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Maotai, Wuliangye and other high-end wines will be price increases, which has become law over the years. "Customers are experienced in time for the old prices before the purchase."

    To prevent malicious speculation the retail end, earlier this year Moutai AG states: the retail store terminal ceiling price 959 yuan, commercial ceiling price 1099 yuan over the retail end. Received notice of Moutai AG, Urumqi surface of implementing the policy crystal ball company of the store though, but to buy 959 yuan Maotai, must be bundled or wine Moutai Prince Maotai welcome wine.

    According to the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 12 a month, tying the fig leaf has now ripped off, some stores blatant price, no longer tying. Recently I asked Moutai AG authorized Urumqi eight distribution companies, the implementation of the policy limit found in only two,crystal gifts manufacturer but the store is running a supermarket price policy, that is 1099 yuan.

    In the implementation of "limit order" in two shops, one that is only now flying 53 degrees Maotai sample bottle, while another diamond supplier is said to buy a bottle of Maotai flying 53 degrees to tying 3 bottles of red wine Maotai, combined price plus up to 1575 yuan. "Of course you can not tie-ins,crystal pendant china but only buy Maotai flying 53 degrees, the unit price is 1299 yuan / bottle." Located on the road this bright Moutai store clerk explained.

    I asked the six other non-bundled distribution companies, including Xinjiang Jiannan wine company, blessing of water trading company Urumqi, crystal gift supplier Xinjiang Fenqiang-commerce companies, understand that the retail price of flying 53 degrees Maotai basically 1380-1399 yuan of room. Home in good supermarkets,crystal perfume bottle supplier Tianshan Department Store, Parkson century super Maotai sold between $ 1400-1599, the retail terminal operators are breaking over 1099 yuan a "stop-limit order."

   crystal craft company And in mid-July last year, I learned from the various stores and supermarkets: the retail price of Maotai only 869-969 yuan, grandchildren to, just a short time Maotai rose 60%.

    Maotai liquor industry benchmark known as known, Maotai liquor prices will definitely lead to other prices. It is reported that Shuijingfang, National 1573, Luzhou and other spirits are also the most recent price increases slightly.

    Recently the author learned that a good home store supermarket Qiantang River: Crystal installed Shuijingfang sold 888 yuan, has been catching Wuliangye 52 degrees retail price. In the Tianshan Department Store, the country is now sold for 1028 yuan 1573, has more than 52 degrees Wuliangye retail price.

    While prices in the domestic wine, estate wine Yilite Xinjiang have also been follow-up. Recently I learned that the wine was Yilite series of price increases in early July, now the Tate's cellar in supermarkets and stores have sold between $ 70-75, small old pit sold between $ 40-45. Compared to the year has been up about 20%.

    "Tate's pit 75 yuan a bottle, I remember during the Spring Festival and sold 65 yuan ah?" Has a good home in the Qiantang River supermarket shop, a customer asked, puzzled. "Iraqi special forces have been price increases, but little old cellar is now doing promotions, only 37.9 yuan, you can buy a small old pit ah." Promotional staff to the customer suggestions.

    For the promotional price, number of alcoholic drinks and tobacco store industry analysis: "The little old cellar this promotional price, and now are into the purchase less than the estimated accumulation of a supermarket in advance a number of wine orders." It is reported that the price increase Yilite series of wine contains not only the size of the old pits Iraqi special forces, including the old roots, king of the Iraqi forces, the Iraqi forces 15 years vintage and so on.

    Although the Iraqi special forces had been completed in time for the Mid prices, but in Xinjiang ancient city, including other local white wine, such as Braque did not follow the trend of prices Shore.

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