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Moon cake makeup appearance playing "inner beauty" packaging playing a low-carbon wind

  Piaoyuan not smell dumplings, moon cake's flavor and spread out. Mid-Autumn Festival less than a month away, newspapers, television, street lamp, bus body, the elevator wall ... ... the brand's moon cake moon cake ads tell us that war has already started.

    Perhaps many people LED crystal keychain found that Mid-Autumn moon cake seems ugly,crystal ship model but also quietly shorter shelf life. Moon cake skin is not as bright, White Lotus stuffing looks a bit dark.

    This phenomenon and the use of food additives on the implementation of standards. In June this year, implementation of the "food additive standards", 27 kinds of food additive banned in food added, including synthetic pigment standard, so most of this year's moon cake the "makeup" public purpose is to allow everyone to eat more healthy.

    Shorter shelfcrystal cooperate trophy life postpone the listing of the hotel moon cake

    Mid-Autumn Festival less than a month away. At this point in previous years, the hotel has long been custom-made moon cake battle smoke, crystal customized trophy but this year are still in the warm-up phase, it is clear in advance the hotel-made moon cake moon cake sale promotion coupons, but did not make moon cake ahead crystal award cup of the market.

    Food additives return new regulations will not only allow moon cake makeup, but also directly affect the shelf life of moon cake. Before the crystal business gift shelf life of many hundreds of moon cake as long as three months or six months, now, moon cake shelf life shortened to two months or 45 days.

    Mooncrystal medal cake sales, according to hotel officials said, for the moon cake to meet the new standards, the hotels have increased their self-test. However, some large hotels that crystal model truck food additives have little effect to its new regulations. Because in the procurement of raw materials, the hotel is very careful to require filling in line with national regulations, the supplier can provide inspection reports. Moon cake production is strictly in accordance with state regulations, do not use crystal truck model bleach and other additives is strictly prohibited.

    "Makeup" moon cake will be better quality, though not pretty

    Some people also found that moon cake ugly: "how last year's moon cake did not seem nice, moon cake skin darkened."

    Reporters visited the city shopping center, was added to the bulk moon cake has emerged as the most common dark yellow. Moon cake in previous years, green apple, red strawberry moon cake, moon cake, etc. This year has been hard to find a crystal, and does not see such a detailed classification, nuts and other moon cake moon cake the same color.

    Previous years, this year's moon cake is certainly not beautiful, because the new version of "food additive standard," June 20 this year, has been implemented, moon cake manufacturers can no longer just for moon cake "beauty" of the.

    According to the standard, a variety of moon cake in the past frequently used sweeteners, synthetic colorings, food additives, bleaching agents, this will ban the use of the moon cake production.

    The last moon cake often add preservatives benzoic acid, sorbic acid has also been class, dehydrogenation acid type preservatives to replace, but also strictly control the dosage. Flour is also disabled brightener. Looking back, the moon cake production prohibit the use of additives, 27 species of moon cake will sell natural compromised.

    With lotus seed paste, for example, before the pursuit of ivory in color, some manufacturers will be bleached look lotus seed paste, lotus seed paste should in fact pure yellow. Moon cake fillings such as strawberry fruit, the normal should be dark red, but previously used as additives and become bright red.

    "In the frequent incidents of food safety today, consumers will be more concerned about the content under the beautifully packaged!" Urban food in a supermarket manager, told reporters, moon cake packaging will be further standardized, fresh, elegant packaging and safe filling become a new selling point, companies will pay more attention to food safety. With the improvement of living standards, consumer taste of moon cake, packaging and safety requirements increase.

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