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Mid-Autumn Festival gift packaging re-brand wine is not heavy

   Less than a month away from the Mid-Autumn Festival, the major wine brand promotional schedule for the Mid-Autumn Gold war, had a house on fire, including Mid-Autumn Festival gift wine market, is an important competition for major manufacturers plate. West China City Daily reporter found that this year's china crystal ball Mid-Autumn Festival gift wine market, luxury gift boxes greatly reduced, return to the true consumer demand, manufacturers pay more attention to brand building sales driven, and the emotions behind consumer marketing.

    A market survey of consumers Dankan Gift Box

    Reporters crystal ball company visited Chengdu, many liquor stores, wine, liquor firms and large supermarket counters and found that all the major brands will be their flagship brand placed on a prominent position, and launched a related promotional activities, but the appearance of beautiful Gift Box white wine, very rare. On-site staffcrystal gifts manufacturer that run from the past two years, diamond supplier gift boxes of liquor not to be optimistic about the consumer. "Most of the money spent on the package, the kernel is not reassuring," Christians have their table, icrystal pendant china nto which the wine quality is difficult to get the trust of consumers.

    "crystal gift supplier From our contacts with the consumer point of view, whether their drink or get bought

    crystal perfume bottle supplier are very focused on current hot brand and its main products of choice. "Sales staff said, for consumers to buy the main product of the current heat brand, bought theircrystal craft company hospitality or gifts, are the face, and they are more assured of their quality.

    Reporters saw at the mall liquor display area, occupy prominent positions, mainly local brands and national brands, such as Wuliangye crystal bottle, Jcrystal craft factory iannanchun ordinary equipment, collection-level Jiannanchun and vintage, safflower Lang , National 1573, Maotai, other less well-known white wine, display little show. 53 supermarket

    ° Flying Maotai, priced at 1480 yuan, high prices and tight supply, in order to allow consumers to buy rest assured that the manufacturers were ready to back every purchase of a small debate pseudo-identifier, teach you to identify the genuineness of Maotai.

    In some stores, Yang Daqu field a strong regional brand, while the Mid-Autumn Festival prime-time, strengthened the Chengdu market offensive. Yang Daqu recent major gold district in Chengdu is not only advertising to grab exposure, the three main products of its blue sea, blue days, dream of the blue, and covered with multiple super container, the wine's lair in Sichuan sub- challenged, the market competition will become fiercer.

    B liquor manufacturers play the emotional card marketing

    Reporters learned from the major wine makers, wine season to win the first battle of this year, major brands have an ample supply of ammunition, a variety of approaches to enhance market competition. Chengdu Luzhou a responsible person in charge of the market that buy, buy for the user, regardless of the original customers or potential new customers, will send a surprise in the Mid-Autumn Festival, free to send wine to customers.

    Chengdu Division is responsible for intoxicated people said that to meet the Mid-Autumn Festival market, they will take gifts to customers of action. For users buy, where to buy a box of intoxicated, will get a exquisite gift, which has more than one moon cake, a bottle of wine; for retail customers, as long as the purchase of at least two bottles, you can get such a gift.

    1919 Sichuan official says alcohol chain for Mid-Autumn Festival, and its various

    The gift shop will also introduce the corresponding activities for their own exclusive membership, but also through direct investment and DM, SMS, etc., will be a special blessing and targeted promotional information sent to the customer. In addition, Jiannanchun, Langjiu part of the brand has came out activities related to promotional gifts to win over consumers' feelings.

    Reporters noted that the major liquor brands was significantly enhanced in the near future a campaign, through image advertising, promotion, advertising and landing activities, enhance visibility, deepen consumer brand image to win consumers' hearts recognition.

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