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Tight demand supply network goods sold inventory of rare All-Star TV

    And the scene of unrest iphone4 sale compared to June's domestic flat-panel TV market is more calm, but even so, there are still some brand models supply emergency, or because of excellent performance, or because of high cost,crystal trophy as well as a shortage unrest. Here we recommend several small series of this TV, if you have friends like the recent purchase of a flat-panel TVs, may wish to look at the following several products.

   crystal gifts Tongfang LCD TV LE-42B90
    High cost ultra-thin body

    crystal laser Tongfang LE-42B90 break with traditional backlighting, LED backlight, high-definition, energy saving, environmental protection, but also a powerful media player, in addition to built-in HD decoder platform. The current price for a fusion of so many high-end performance model is undoubtedly a high cost.

    crystal products Tongfang LE-42B90 appearance of the use of concise lines, an outline, simple atmosphere. Placed in the living room, china crystal you can instantly create a home crafts. Tongfang LE-42B90 with a new generation of environmentally friendly light source technology - green LED backlight, it is obvious that the changes brought about directly improve imaging quality, reduce energy consumption, but also to make Tongfang than the thickness of LE-42B90 Traditional LCD TV by 3 / 4 or more, to achieve the 22mm ultra-thin appearance, can be said that the domestic color TV in the thinnest, reducing the space occupied by home decoration.

   crystal box In terms of performance, Tongfang LE-42B90 TV with a 1920 × 1080 high-definition LCD panel, the inner carrying IreaLHDHS fourth generation high-definition decoding platform, the maximum compatible H.264 video format, HD decoding formats to meet diverse needs. Its powerful decoding capabilities, can support a variety of mainstream pictures, videos, music format. Plug in arbitrary U disk can browse pictures, listen to music and watch high-definition video.

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