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Feng shui life insurance mascot Citrine wealth again and again

    Yellow crystals in the gemstone industry is known as "crystal yellow gem," its color from pale yellow, are yellow, orange to golden yellow are. As the brightness and saturation are very good, as long as the transparent and smooth, and call crystal bottle stopper the top grade, and also than the topaz-clear, so much consumers, often cut into pendant or ring surface.
    The main crystal pyramids function of yellow crystals accumulated wealth, the main fiscal side. Entrepreneurs, shopping malls, office or home put some yellow crystals which can cause accumulation of wealth

    crystal horses Citrine is the symbol of wisdom and joy, can make us confident, and reduce fear, eliminate guilt, so for the more nervous the person calm and smooth with good effect.

    Citrinecrystal gift baby for the endocrine pancreas and the nervous system also has effects on diabetes are also indispensable, but also treat swelling and stomach cramps.

     Since citrine main side money, so the stock is an essential tool for families, especially the ball, more cohesive role. crystal gift clock In addition to the financial position placed outside the home, if you often go to read the tape, it is best to wear yellow Crystal Bracelet is effective.

     crystal gift decoration Citrine as "Lucky the crystal", with seven array of feng shui principles, making Lucky better able to provoke an incredible fortune, crystal car model citrine main wealth,crystal diamond keychain increase the windfall transportation is fast Lucky gems. Citrine yellow cosmic energy, commonly known as the wealth of the stone. Moderate yellow to give people the power of the mind into harmony, to enhance Reiki, it is their confidence and joy. Yellow is the "material world" in the strongest manifestation of energy, so energy is very strong yellow crystals correspond to the LED crystal keychain material and wealth. And citrine combined mental and physical strength, build and maintain a person's mental strength, down to earth to teach people to enhance the implementation capacity.

     It can bring partial wealth, can enhance the gas field in the yellow light, yellow light will affect the material life and wealth, can create unexpected wealth, is engaged in the service of commercial companies and businesses move indispensable treasure, and there are reminders of the wealth effect.

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