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"Boy" Chen Xiang dress fashion show tidal range of male children

       "Boy" Chen Xiang busy recently, endorsement clothing, shooting "a missing sweetheart" ... sounds a little magic, he sang a song especially soothing tenderness capture people's hearts, crystal trophy quietly singing on stage,crystal gifts he exudes that were impossible to resist the charm, now radiant on the stage, he has receded share Sentimental, more attractive,crystal laser not very old Chen Xiang is also a hanger does not choose not withhold the child, whether it is a simple casual T-shirt or trend or fashion wear, in him will have a different feeling!

    crystal products Dot is the most popular costumes this year, elements with a baseball cap, spontaneous wave of male fashion!
    china crystal     Dot is a shirt, add a dynamic big-wave point, and then with the uniform design of the cape, fashion sense!

   Black and white stitching shirts, unique design of the bow tie, handsome and lovely.
    crystal box Plaid shirt is in the trend this year to a single product, casual elegance of the lattice slightly, overlapping collar designed to increase a sense of fashion design....

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