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2011 home business solution to improve the five Lucky fortune feng shui

     In real life, many people often have errors in it, often think that the office can be a good feng shui, feng shui in the company invited several times to see the process discovered the errors. Many traders are often very particular about the company, but the household is messy, though a short time at home,crystal trophy but as fortune would affect the business, and the impact will not be less than the office feng shui.

     Feng shui in the home can cause fortune to improve the layout are:

     1, put some red in the east of the furniture and decorations, such as mahogany strap, etc., can make the family is full of energy, favorable business and education.

     2, crystal gifts yellow has always been used to represent wealth, but in the West is considered the leading cause of wealth and position, if placed on furniture accessories, such as yellow citrine, or other items can also be yellow, can bring strong wealth,crystal laser so that the cause of fly, "yellow" Tenda.

     3, is conducive to the healthy white crystal, transparent, colorless or white crystal, white crystal energy,crystal products the corresponding human seven (ie, body parts) in the "top round", that is, the middle position of the head, the body of disease can be gas, black air, discharged from the soles of the feet, makes clear-eyed, physically fit,china crystal career and health are very helpful. If the book on the desk or table, the white water will display a larger boules, and helps to improve.

     4 bedroom options, the north side of the bedroom is conducive to freelance, Northwest's bedroom conducive to management positions who northeast bedroom is conducive to service people, the bedroom is conducive to the east were young and progressive, southeast bedroom were easy to obtain outside help ,crystal box easy to get inspired by the south bedroom, southwest bedroom can enhance a person's patience, west of the bedroom for the relief of stress, enhance sleep.

     Wang Yun house, will help the cause, can generally be put on the unicorn in the home, so you can make the family fortune Wang, and Kirin is also beneficial to not only bring wealth has ever been, the modern pressure and other reasons, infertility, or late pregnancy were relatively more, and put unicorn can enhance this fortune, Kirin head should be facing outward.


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