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Crystal Shield compared with conventional care agent

    Crystal Shield is a revolutionary hard surface care products, is an internationally patented technology has advanced. Crystal Shield means the civil process, stone, tile, glass care out of the traditional waxing or polishing crystal face, renovation crystal square ashtray of the plight directly to the stone, tile, glass, "put on" the protection of a magical crystal coat - Crystal shield.

    crystal hanging decoration ; Crystal Shield as a maintenance product to use in addition to providing effective protection to the floor, extend the service life, but also because of the diamond crystal-like glossy shield that increasing the value of your property.

    crystal hanging ornament Crystal Shield agent with the commonly used crystal face, crystal hardening agent of the comparison:

    crystal lotus candleholder 1, Crystal Shield is a dense inert surface protective film, can not only resist ink, fruit juice, water and other pollution, but also to prevent the common acid-base cleaner on the shield layer of oxidation, decomposition.

   crystal candle stand   2, only the use of nano-crystal shield pad, in addition to lower costs but also to avoid the general agent of the crystal surface using wire cotton drawbacks: black steel wire heat, penetrating into the light-colored stone on; residual oxidized steel corrosion in crystal plane model the crevice formed rust or macula.

    crystal building model 3, Crystal Shield PH value 5-7 neutral or slightly acidic formulations, to avoid the use of dark stone crystal surface agents acidification fading crystal pen set phenomenon.

     crystal souvenirs 4, Crystal Shield fine particles that can quickly covered the surface, so use less, is commonly used dosage of crystal face 50%.

     5, crystal shield is formed by heat curing membrane, greatly reducing agent commonly used crystal face, crystal hardening agent friction powder, steel powder and the construction workers on the environment of dust pollution.

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