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Mei 33 000 7-inch high heels dancing crystal step

    July 14 hearing, a famous Austrian crystal brand Swarovski, last night at the Grand Theatre, Beijing TV Station to purple as the theme, crystal award cup called "magic feather dance" party-cum-autumn and winter series of large-scale jewelry show. Central Taiwan, including two supermodel Pei Pei, Chia-chi and Dai Xiaoyi, led a dozen men and women clothing model crystal model. Taiwan days Mei (Mei), was the finale of the guest performers, singing and dancing to push party atmosphere, will be held in September for her world crystal business gift tour concert warm-up.
   &nbcrystal medal sp;  7 inch high heels easy to wear

     Brand art director NathalieColin, dressed in specially designed set with 33,000 pieces of Swarovski's wearing crystal model truck a costume for Mei,crystal truck model in the loud music, the 7-inch heels still wear Mei easily singing and dancing, flash explosion audience, audience also seen in high spirits. Mei to lead the charge played into the "purple carpet", slightly plump physique, does not affect her mood. Mei said: "September will begin world tour, Chengdu is the first stop, after including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong will be held next year, a total of more than 30 performances." Mei refused to disclose the concert guests , but does not rule out the sexy costumes to help out.

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