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« 2011 allows you to "hard" money home feng shui secret"Light fitting re-decoration" concept was becoming popular home jewelry business »

Jinxin Jia Cheng at the Shanghai General Merchandise Trade Fair

     crystal ashtray factory July 14, 2011, supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the brand show - the 105th China Daily Trade Fair in Shanghai Pudong New Internationalcrystal wine stopper china Expo Center dressed appearance. crystal wine stopper manufacturer Overseas representative crystal wine stopper manufacturer of the lifestyle home boutique, high-tech products of all types gathered in the exhibition department Zhenghui beautiful and diversified product channel,china crystal gift and craft multi-channel information and information will bring together the show for you to exchange share.

     crystal table clock Participate in the exhibition business to a more than one thousand of which came from Tianjin Jinxin Jia Cheng Trading Co., Ltd. also participated crystal square ashtray in the exhibition, Jinxin Jia Cheng main products include crystal glassware, cups and so on. Following small with everyone enjoying some Jinxin Jia Cheng crystal hanging decoration product Mito!

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