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Crystal Ying Crystal noble: wealth prosperity good fortune

      Like people who pay attention to the crystal jewelry, crystal gifts to family and friends colleagues, in addition to the overall design creativity and beautiful, but also pay attention to what it represents.crystal trophy Colorless crystals: on behalf of pure, selfless. Can improve the person's aura, get rid of distractions. Purple Crystal: on behalf of romance, marriage. Color noble. Yellow Crystal: on behalf of Fortune, Fortune. Brown crystals: on behalf of sound,crystal gifts Aetna. Green Crystal: on behalf of justice and development. Phantom Crystal: getting money is on behalf of, the cause of Hing. White Ghost Crystal: on behalf of clean, for the spiritual. Red Phantom Crystal: on behalf of business development, crystal laser wealth prosperity. Rutilated: to the United States, Supreme. Red hair crystal: a warm, lively. Huang Fajing: prosperous, flourishing. Black crystal: the fiscal side, helping the. Green hair crystal: happiness, good luck. Silver grain: wood Wang, evil spirits. Pyramid Crystal: gathering energy, good fortune. Crystal water tank: the magic and the supernatural. Crystal scenery: a microcosm of nature, a window of communication between man and nature.crystal products As the main crystal "disciples" Crystal, the principle is also true gift. Shenzhen Jing Ying Crystal Crystal Gift Co., Ltd.china crystal production, not only shape the distinctive, delicious and rich colors.

     Product Image: Crystal Ying Crystal Gift Co., Ltd.

     Company Profile: Crystal Ying Crystal Gift Crystal Gift Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the design, development and production. Company located in Shenzhen City, responsible for external business contacts. crystal box The factory is located in China, "Crystal City, Shuhuazhixiang" - Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, specialized in manufacturing. The company produces crystal gifts, such as building models, watch display, jewelry, trophies, trophy, laser engraving products, stationery, etc., exquisite and unique styling, technology talent, style exquisite luxury, style and complete specifications, business, foreign affairs exchanges, major celebrations, the best gifts and travel souvenirs, have a high appreciation value and collection value. The company's products are exported to the United States, Japan, France, Australia, Southeast Asia and more than twenty countries and regions.

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