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Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, Performing Arts show ideal

    Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, set of exhibitions, conferences, business, dining, entertainment and other functions into one, by the Shenzhen municipal government to construct, entrusted to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center crystal gift baby Co., Ltd. Business in 2004 crystal gift clock officially put into use. Since its opening in 2004, has successfully held nearly 300 exhibitions, more than 1350 sessions, the audience received a total of $ 20 million. 2008 were held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre 75 exhibitions, screenings of more than 500 conferences, annual exhibition area of ??180 square meters, ranking third peers.

    crystal gift decoration Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the city center, is the largest single building in Shenzhen city, covers an area of ??220,000 square meters, crystal car model total construction area of ??280,000 square meters, 540 meters from east to west, north-south width of 282 meters above ground at 60 meters high crystal diamond keychain 6 floors and 2 underground floors, steel, glass dome and walls the perfect combination of decorative lights at night, the exquisitely carved, the "Crystal Palace" of the world.

    LED crystal keychain Exhibitions, conferences, crystal ship model and services a hierarchical layout, but relatively independent closely. Laying a layer of nine exhibition halls into a "U" type, indoor exhibition area of ??105,000 square meters, can accommodate 5,000 international standard exhibition booths. Suspended in the hall above the conference center, with a total of 35 meeting rooms, excellent in performance, sizes, and can be used in high-end dining venue. The main channel up to two-story service area 480 meters east-west, on the pass issued, the show focused on providing support services.

     Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, advanced facilities, complete, is the holding various exhibitions, conferences, meetings, ceremonies, celebrations and entertainment activities of choice.

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