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Casa Imperial "feeling realized texture of life" art Kam feast

       Every touch, are life's a journey. Material from the hundreds of millions, the excerpt most comfortable moving tactile experience; in thousands of kinds of tactile experience, the interception of style to create the essence of rich experience of lifecrystal ball company ... ... After a heart to touch home ownership, understanding the rich texture The style of life.

    Touch the source of the human sense of the world, is open all kinds of wonderful experiences of the trigger point. Every fingertip touch,crystal gifts manufacturer are derived from the mind to explore, but also give us the energy that touches your soul. Unlike the sensitive hearing and visual surprises,diamond supplier tactile experience of nature and life through the heart of the unique texture of each material to stimulate the curiosity of the potential infinite,crystal pendant china boundless open the vast realm of life ... ... Casa Imperial "feeling - sort of understanding life texture of the "art Kam dinner, crystal gift supplier explore the origins of feelings to attain in order to bring the most realistic sense of touch the most direct sense, to stimulate an exploration of materials,crystal perfume bottle supplier texture texture, not the same sense that the password, to create timeless art of feeling Casa Imperial as bearing the most quality.

  July 22, 2011,crystal craft company Casarte Casa Imperial "real touch,crystal craft factory style feast," the third quarter of the annual series of events in Hangzhou style living landmark "Chinese homes Xiaoya" warmth bloom.crystal animal supplier "Chinese House Restaurant" founder Zhu Rong as dinner host, invited the top architect Wang Hui and his wife - a famous interior designer,crystal ashtray factory writer Miss Sun Gexuan,crystal wine stopper china global design trends with Casa Imperial head Mr. Zhou Shu Qi poly Casa Imperial "feeling - understanding the texture of life" art Kam dinner, crystal wine stopper manufacturer choice of reading material on the profound meaning of things to explore together the wonderful texture of an understanding of a variety of touch that touches your soul energy. Dinner, and Wang Hui, and Sun Ge spin couples to share their passion for different materials and china crystal gift and craft tactile experience: Wang Hui, a profound interpretation of the material thought-provoking, and Sun Ge extended to resort to spin his writings will touch the inner joy, and emotional insight At a deeper level. Subsequently, the Casa Imperial head of global design trends, Mr. Zhou Shu lead the guests to explore the art of selection Casa Imperial, Casa Imperial truly realized for the life of touch to explain the Casa Imperial "eternal material" to create the ultimate tactile experience and contains one of the creative inspiration. Casa Imperial's unique design philosophy, lives in filling the "home of art", which made the guests in every one of the most subtle touch, to experience the warm feeling and living the essence of art.

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