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A simple method of identifying crystal

    (1) Seeing: natural crystal ashtray factory crystal in the formation process, crystal wine stopper china often subject to environmental impact of the total contain some impurities, when viewed against the sun, you can see faint stripes or even small catkin-likecrystal wine stopper manufacturer substance. And false use more defective crystal crystal residue, broken glass melting, after polishing process, color copy is made, there is no uniform stripes, catkin-like substance.

     china crystal gift and craft (2) The tongue licking: even in the hot summer dog days, tongue licking the natural crystal surfaces, but also cold and cool feeling. Leave the crystal, crystal table clock no cool feeling.

     (3) Lighting: Natural Crystal heel in a sunlight, regardless of the perspective from which it can emit a beautiful luster. Crystal can not.

     crystal square ashtray (4) Hardness: natural crystal hardness, crystal lightly with a stone in the plan, for no trace; if left streak, it is fake crystal.

     (5) using polarized light microscopy: a 360-degree rotation in the polarizing microscope, four out four dark change is a natural crystal, crystal hanging decoration crystal has not changed is false.

     (6) with two-color check: There are two natural amethyst color, no fake crystal dichroism.

     (7) Check with a magnifying glass: The times magnifying glass in transmitted light inspection, can be found as the bubble is basically false crystal.

     (8) Check with thecrystal hanging ornament hair: the crystal on a haircrystal lotus candleholder on the human eye can see the hair through the double-crystal film, and was a natural crystal, mainly because of a birefringent crystal.

    crystal candle stand (9) detected with a thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity meter adjusted to the green grid test 4 stones, natural crystals can be up to the yellow 2 cells, but not fake crystal rose, while the yellow area rose to a grid.

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