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Desks paperweight collection of quotes into a hot shot dark horse farm

   China Post on June 20, 2011 issue of "Antique Furniture - Desks" special stamps. Compared with the general stamp, which not only fit in today's society the trend of traditional Ming and Qing furniture collection, but also because one of the auction from the horse did not have founded the first private museum - the museum complex concept, crystal horses and particularly noticeable. Although the seats with the popular varieties of the auction market, but because of its collection of market conditions become hot topics of stamps, crystal gift baby collectibles such niche is definitely worth our attention.

    Desks sit tight in the first the "top spot"

    Mention the Ming and Qing furniture collection, people first thought is four cabinets, square table and other equipment, crystal gift clock but very little concern for Desks. But from the point of view on the auction market in recent years, has the majority of investors Desks concern. In the 2010 autumn auction in a spot that sold for 69.44 million yuan pear, its flowing lines,crystal gift decoration carving elegant, simple and elegant iron package,crystal car model imposed after the side panel back chairs relief opening, clearing spirits transmission gas, both sides of the "goose doorpost"crystal diamond keychain slim, highlighting Royal weighing equipment is a court of Queen treasures.

   LED crystal keychain In this year's shoot in China Jiade Chun, pear carved dragons four pairs of his early official hat chairs, sold it reached 23 million yuan.crystal ship model The proportion of outstanding official hat chairs and beautiful, fine carving, it is rare, the bottom of the sculpture in the round mouth leading ornamentation is no other published examples. Back plate opening area ratio than other examples of particularly great masterpieces.

    In ancient Chinese furniture, according to the different shapes and styles, stool furniture including stools, pier, benches, chairs, throne, etc. The issue of the "Ming and Qing Furniture - Desks" special stamps, including a clear red sandalwood tick embedded copper dragon throne, the top spot next pear, pear hollow Ming Fu word pattern four succeed Official hat, Ming * Chi pattern pear carving chair, clear Rosewood "beautiful and elegant" armchair marble inlay, marble inlay and rosewood Ming rattan drum stool, including almost Desks in the main types.

    Desks in the Ming and Qing furniture, Chinese traditional furniture is the most Jiangong Li, and its shape, line and process does not allow for discrepancies. In addition to stamps show some of the common varieties, rather Desks with Chinese characteristics is the concern by collectors, like this year there's a spring auction in the late Ming and pear engraved rose back chairs, valued from 1 to 1.5 million yuan, price is reached 4.025 million yuan.

    Roundwood take the brain to dig Yan Daiguo joints at both ends of the connection legs cut through the seat plate into a wooden legs even do enough. Roundwood floating shoulder arm back into the hind legs cut out the tongue, the same front-end and front legs to dig Yan Daiguo goose neck tenon connection, through the chair before Tuizu a wooden plate to become even do. Rose seat belt engraved back plate is not common, this is an important reason for its being sought after one.

    Desks move as often, the old, easy to severance damages, so the good friend of the very rare, it also reminded the collectors should start from an awareness of the strategy on heavy and light.

    Success stories of the text paperweight collection room

    In addition to the Ming and Qing furniture, in addition, another type of auction market in recent years on the popular variety is the text of room, in addition to ink, paper and ink, the paperweight, this niche collectibles auction market in recent years, hot on the market gradually, become a dark horse film field.

    China Jiade Chun shot this year, the "old moon - a scholar's desk cleared to play," no doubt attracted special attention of many collectors. This is the second film released last autumn, after Dong Qiao collection the paintings, its collection of fine once again present at the auction market, although the high-priced collection sold for a lot, but most of all themselves, or a Song Dynasty bronze lion lying paperweight, because it was Shixiang the collection the estimate of 150,000 to $ 200,000, sold reached 71.3 million.

    This cast bronze lion lying, facing the side, angry staring eyes, mouth slightly open teeth, curly head of hair, necklaces bells, creeping attitude was like, powerful and strong claws, mane slightest visible, imposing, stable atmosphere. Objects schungite color, surface brightness, will be playing all year round due. Early as the Bronze Lion Shixiang purchased from a private office and care is preferred, as a treasure, and the material included in this collection of essays written in to their own.

    Shape of objects not only in their details, anecdotes collection will be his right, its importance is evident. This object will be the first choice for the collectors, rare degree of doubt, for the good of the rare items.

    Shixiang held in 2003, special collections at auction, this lion lying Song bronze paperweight, valuation 15000-25000 yuan, sold for 55,000 yuan. Dong Qiao was a result of this collection but did not get annoyed. 5 years later, this paperweight auction in Hong Kong on the market, Dong Qiao spent several times the price in 2003 was to buy this treasure.

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