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Fashion beautiful beautiful ancient ancient meimei HTC One X protection shell on the market

HTC has officially launched in Beijing, including the HTC One X HangHuo version in "HTC One" series of smart phones, and in this conference, crystal candle standHTC strategic cooperation partners-accessories manufacturers cyangugu meimei (GGMM) also synchronous released for HTCOneX custom-made2 three fashion beautiful beautiful phone protection shell.

This type of three paragraphs HTCOneX protection shell shape design fashion, surface spray is mostly feel oil, feel smooth, and wear resistance, some use of lightweight aluminum alloy material,crystal building model some is made of high grade PC, another TPU material made of soft water set, will provide the high quality for HTCOneX protection.

The launch of the ancient ancient meimei (GGMM) HTCOneX protection shell has crystal white, black, crystal crystal crystal blue, purple, coral red and HuLu six color for the user to choose,crystal car model can meet the needs of different users.crystal award cup The three items with the HTC sync in mainland China market sales, more details can be landing cyangugu meimei official mall inquires the.

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