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« American brand furniture design and obey the Chinese market demand Fashion beautiful beautiful ancient ancient meimei HTC One X protection shell on the market »

2012 lighting industry development characteristics "heavy practical about environmental protection"

In the process of daily that occupy the home, want to build a sweet household atmosphere, lighting is an indispensable parts. When the light cast on the ground, wall, the furniture, brought about by the magic of the effect is difficult to language describe. Constantly improving consumption aesthetic grade, continuously evolved domestic outfit design concept, it is to let lamp act the role ofing and furniture and life gradually as a whole. Now, the family is decorated in the lighting design trend more simple structure, fine workmanship, color and lively. In 2012, lamp act the role ofing also played the contracted stylish rider.

Structure contracted pay attention to practical function

In this year's guangzhou furniture exhibition, lighting industry with such a kind of popular voice, the household design is now popular modern style, simple structure,crystal pendant china can reflect the most fashionable style is acted the role of domestic outfit industry, also with the modern style of furniture, walked into more and more Chinese family. This kind of design style is very simplified lamps and lanterns, pay more attention to the rationality of the design of the function, can make full use of the light source lighting efficiency, and furniture to hand in photograph reflect. The traditional concept of those lights, complicated structure, and colorful, crystal craft companyshape heavy, ignore the efficacy of the fundamental demand to make full use of, badly here is inevitable.

Human nature environmental protection beautiful do not break individual character

As a new generation of consumption group mature, high-cultural literacy consumer has increased, lighting design cultural content has greatly improved. Lamp act the role ofing is set with furniture harmony must be, can reflect the culture of lighting is very popular. People are in pursuit of the household life comfort, humanized design is to meet the needs of the solution, meaningless and fancy decoration was eliminated. Whether lighting or furniture, all the "people-oriented" concept as the design guiding ideology.

In the contemporary society, as people strengthening of environmental protection consciousness, environmental protection design and environmental protection material produced furniture is more and more,crystal wine stopper china in the future a family to decorate, have environmental protection function of lamp act the role ofing also will get more and more use, furniture, doors and Windows, electrical appliances, hutch appliance, can be used according to different requirements set up different lighting to supporting the development of the corresponding intelligent configuration, and satisfy the demand of modern life.

Material connect fully natural color are the most popular

Now, furniture and home outfit are tend to tidalcurrent,china crystal gift and craft lighting as match each other with furniture, adornment is one of important elements, also had change subsequently. Top of head of droplight, tea table, desk, ark of the head of a bed desk lamp,crystal souvenirs have been quietly "suddenly turn hostile", color more colorful, material more clarity, modelling respect also shows the imagination of originality.crystal lotus candleholder In many furnisher farms, elegant lighting has more than furniture became attract people to view the protagonist. In this year's guangzhou furniture exhibition launch of the lighting, mostly stressed the feeling of building colour profusion, those close to nature colour is acted the role of especially popular, USES glass or crystal and transparent material is acted the role of with clear fresh simple sense, accept consumer welcome.


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