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American brand furniture design and obey the Chinese market demand

It is reported, capital market turmoil has affected the development of American furniture market, from Las Vegas furniture exhibition news shows, native American each big furniture brand new Numbers to drop quickly, the market order also sharp atrophy, and people in the industry say, some American furniture brand even big brands, are crisis of crossing.

American furniture market overall downturn brand collapse

American furniture brand especially famous brand, its operating funds from the capital market most, by all kinds of funds and asset companies, such as injection, and recently, as the United States as a whole the economic environment the continued to worsen, capital market shrink to help make the person also worried about it all depends on the state of existence of furniture brand.

To this, the super comfortable international chain household chairman WangLanYu said in an interview, the American furniture market now whole environment is good, just after the end of the Las Vegas conference also represent the some cold, product a little, and the order also decrease. At the same time, WangLanYu also revealed, even though the United States has been many furniture brand all is according to the list production, but subject to overall consumption market of recession, crystal wine stopper chinathe backlog of goods in some brand phenomenon there became apparent, there will be many brand expected even is renowned brands die, WangLanYu said.

In addition, such as the international brand agent xi mengsai furniture GuXin also points out, begin from 2008, American furniture market is not entirely recovery from the downturn, for American furniture character, native American global consumption is they the most exuberant market, the market the decline of digestion, to these American furniture brand has a huge blow, which led to appear constantly brand die.

The Chinese market furniture imports from the United States should be no recent price change

The death of brand would affect the market for domestic imports? Also have consumers worry, some big brands will make the collapse of the brand furniture become scarce product, then drive prices? crystal hanging ornamentOr is the Chinese market of American furniture will present a lot "sale" status?

To this, WangLanYu says, China's import furniture market has gradually mature, in the current environment of prices don't have power, but those who might declare bankruptcy brand, because according to the list production also won't caused a lot of inventory, so that it can't be a severe situation of the sale, of course, also don't expel some small import furniture agency low-cost delivery, but whether there should also guarantee quality customer careful consideration.

In addition, WangLanYu also said, consumers can need not worry about a certain brand after the collapse, its domestic market after-sales problem, as imports furniture after-sales service are provided by each agency.

Agent in China and become the passive to active

American brand called "for the Chinese market to change design"

American furniture market of recession, more and more brand furniture market turn other, does this mean that the future of China's import furniture agent market will be changed?

To this, GuXin said its agent of American xi mengsai mattess brand, sales market in sport, the current operation is still in the normal, but he can still go to the United States on October field information, also conveniently look at other brands. But GuXin said, to furniture agent is concerned, purchase a was on the brink of bankruptcy brand need abundant capital actual strength, and is not an easy thing.

In addition, WangLanYu said, there has been a lot of American furniture brand into the super comfortable transmitted the depth the will of the cooperation, and more for the Chinese market to do the design, the production, research and development and other aspects of the tilt. At present, the super comfortable with several brand already in the designer to consult, trying to with their designer directly cooperation, starting from the design, make more accord with Chinese family of American furniture.

WangLanYu said, is expected to have years of this new product entering the market.

American furniture market followed a volatile capital market

Because a large number of capital intervention, the United States household market in the economic downturn and follow ups and downs concussion.

In 2010, the United States five ASHLEY furniture store (AshleyFurnitureHomeStores) operator in Florida for bankruptcy protection.

In 2009, the brand xi mengsai mattess filed for bankruptcy protection, stripping debt, again easy advocate.

And the two brands in China have just sales,crystal building model and after such bankruptcy protection after the normal operation of application still realize. As we have learned, in the United States, many furniture brands depend on capital markets work, according to the market situation adjustment of injection of party, agents to happen from time to tome, but this usually does not affect the quality of the product itself and service.

Bo luoni ambry furniture in "the most fashionable household items"

Recently, the vogue to live in the magazine in 2011 "the most fashionable household supplies award" at the prize presentation ceremony is held in Beijing, bo luoni ambry Miranda won "in 2011 the most fashionable household supplies award". At the same time, bo luoni famous designer has invited and GuoPei create soft outfit household work during the same period "zero world household art exhibition" appearance.

It is reported, the bo luoni Miranda cabinet series products in design, science and technology level took the lead, convenient operation and experience comfortable, function lasting. In addition, senior custom dress designer GuoPei first with bo luoni cooperation, will exuberant, passionate, beauty, grace given furniture works "rose whispers", a complete set of works of romance and cloth art show flower gentle beauty, at the same time, sofa, tea table of modelling concise, crystal lamp and wall body mirror set each other off brightness, make the hard and soft characteristics in local space to supplement each other.

Classical party yuan sofa put on new "leather"

A had scored well-known German "IFDESIGNCHINA"crystal bottle stopper design awards sofa, recently take off the classic cloth coat, change the feel of the soft skin coat first-class.

This beautiful one million party yuan sofa series by known as contracted design great master said the Chinese LiangZhiTian design, beautiful ShaBai French oak with mysterious black leather clothing, masculine and gently beautiful, pure and fresh and handsome. Italian brand leather soft and rich flexibility, and conform to the strict color rubbing fastness standards, even after hundreds of thousands of times, stretching or friction test is not deformation, do not fade. Simple design with simple structure, make the product itself plasticity greatly improved, and any space can bring out the best in each other.

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