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« 2012 lighting industry development characteristics "heavy practical about environmental protection" American brand furniture design and obey the Chinese market demand »

Marriage room decorate condole top flowery less as far as possible can do is province province

Inside the wall wall into bits

In order to live for a long time of safety, the hidden inside the wall pipe wire should as far as possible buy good quality brand, because the water pipes in closed once out after wire, maintenance is quite a "headache", but will also be joint damage to the corresponding metope or ground even more. Relative, the wall adornment such as hang picture, clock, wall lamp and don't need to think too much about safety problems, and more likely to change in the future, so can buy cheap.

So stylist proposal: embedded in the wall of wire and conduit to choose the products meet the national standards, wire do casing, conduit also want to choose the brand of high quality. To conduit for example, one thousand problems is often more serious losses, still can put the water leakage downstairs, serious effect neighbourhood. In the choice of high quality water pipe at the same time, will conduit through the condole top laid: once appear slack phenomenon, is easy to find, crystal gift suppliermaintenance is more convenient, even if will pull down condole top, the loss is not very great.

The ground knocked unconscious metope province

Generally speaking, in the house of the whole in decorating, kitchen, toilet spend the largest number, also need more beautiful idea economical place. The ground of the kitchen, toilet is the owners often contact daily, and, therefore, ground brick must comply with wear-resisting prevent slippery properties such as high quality floor tile is more guarantee safety, and metope is not in daily life have direct contact with the place, and four sides wall costly.

So stylist proposal: the owner can choose according to his be fond of good quality of the products and pass can, do not need to pursue brand. In the kitchen cabinet kind of furniture behind save building materials, in the ark kind of furniture can choose a cheap behind the building materials. With metope ceramic tile, for example,crystal ashtray factory in the place of ambry can be laid a cheaper place of ceramic tile, and be in come to light place to use material good ceramic tile, so in ceramic tile respect can save many unnecessary spending.

Switch into socket province

Have experience of domestic outfit friends may have such experience: buy when the switch socket price gap is very big, low to a few yuan more than ten yuan, high can achieve a few yuan hundreds of yuan, when the choice really big head, general electrical outlet switch adornment performance is poor, and chooses high-end products is a bunch of spending.

So stylist proposal: in the choice to switch to buy good brand adornment sex is strong, and socket it may be chosen common of the brand. Due to the use of high frequency switch, to the quality request is high also, and switch in the position of the general installation conspicuous, adornment effect is good to requirements. And general use frequency is very low electrical outlet, like electric water heater, after plugged in general will not pull out, as long as the performance of electrical outlet standard, of a decorative and not too much of the requirements. Because the number of house of a switch in general only a few, and the number of sockets often dozens of, so can effectively reduce spending.

Fixed adornment wall ark, less

Adornment ark of wall, although can background fusion whole decorate a style, just check in really beautiful, but when you live for a long time, patience, want to replace home structure or color, crystal hanging decorationcan feel the change of the wall, ark very white elephants.

So the designer advice: spend a lot of money to do with decorates a wall, cabinet, not try to buy some activities adornment component, light and easy to replace; Or to fusion whole decorate a style, with a simple can often besmear brushs change color adornment wall ark, not only save money and beautiful and practical.

Flowery condole top do less as far as possible

Decorate condole top cover up the original beam also plays adornment effect, but small bedroom flowery condole top waste money already will also show mixed and disorderly,crystal souvenirs depressed, and adornment shoot the lamp and crystal lamp and so on not only waste electricity is easy to bad. Many owners spent a great deal of care and money to do good condole top, but daily life to save money but often doesn't open shoot the light, headlamps, this is part of the waste decorate funds.

So stylist proposal: a small area of residential as long as the original beams can do cover the simple condole can, not only simple and easy, easier to match indoor display.

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