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The royal chef crystal food: food market chaoyang enterprise

Recently on catering market crystal crystal hot pot roast meat and vigorous, because the tableware of crystal fires to food more environmental protection and more health, more delicious, its market foreground is hot. And the royal chef crystal but with professional "machines", and unique business philosophy as recent restaurant industry in the market.

The small standard 】 the royal chef crystal cuisine: two skulls health was born

The royal chefs cooking introduce advanced European and American technology crystal, the integration of the international advanced food concept, the original creation of the two "religious" in ensuring that taste leading at the same time, create and eat the added value of outside, with its nutrition, beautiful, taste beautiful characteristics won the people love, let customers in the consumer food safety, environmental protection, at the same time, the consumption environment, culture, and hence affected by the young generation of welcome and popular.

The royal chef crystal food survey study that crystal under high temperature could be able to produce far infrared ray, not only can eliminate peculiar smell in the flesh, still can kill harmful bacteria,diamond supplier no harm to human body. So the company using natural crystal as raw material, the professional coagulation, cutting, grinding polishing process, after the 1800 ℃ high temperature refined metal pot, crystal craft factoryprofessional crystal crystal baking sheet, the 800 ℃ high temperature testing, can still keep glittering and translucent, water embellish bright state of nature, stiffness and patience and no change, still can guarantee the safety of the use, be at ease, "stew, roast, rinse, fry" still omnipotent. The product also has heat fast, slow cooling, the characteristics of the features that makes the product after flameout in 20 to 30 minutes there is still a certain threads, can save 50% of the gas. In addition products can also withstand "60 ℃ to 800 ℃ "temperature, in an instant of sharply after hot cold flash can still keep deformation, become angry. At the same time resistance, alkali resistance products not only strong acid, also rich in rich potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and other trace elements, the person in this product heating, cooking, can will these nutrients searches bring food, into the human body can rev. To slow the aging, promote the beauty, and the effect of a health care effect to human body.

Meanwhile, the royal chefs water after and crystal dish, cleaning of energy, and was very easy, only water a blunt, shovels, a blow gently, instantly restore clean as new, safety, hygiene.

The small standard 】 the royal chef crystal cuisine: four one innovation management

A lot of people in the Dutch will choose a barbecue, the reporter understanding after that, seventy percent of the people are due to like and relatives and friends get together and eating side chat of relaxed atmosphere, just choose the barbecue. But there are a lot of people said, barbecue textures and flavors of too onefold.

Therefore, the royal chef crystal food after years of research, the introduction of advanced international food concept, alone made "quaternity" operation mode, the collection "like", "baked", "rinse", "bubble" is an organic whole, broke through the single food method, meet the public's seek, thus became the best-selling "in the market.

According to reporter understanding, the royal chef edge "rinse" edge "baked" the secret of unique quality of a material of crystal "hot pot barbecue one table",crystal wine stopper manufacturer it breaks through the traditional single how to eat, and in the edge of the hot pot, joined the crystal baking sheet. So people can be in the table "rinse" edge "baked". More magical is in special customized light waves furnace with remote control, hot pot and baking dish can be heated up also can also heating, whether hot pot or barbecue, free follow, with your choice.

The royal chef crystal food easily will "like", "baked", "rinse", "bubble" is an organic whole to, this kind "quaternity" special form, it will set off the market. And the royal chef crystal food will be with its nutrition, health characteristic, as well as the original "quaternity" mode, become the chaoyang local restaurant industry enterprise.


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