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About wenzhou pingyang, cangnan of crafts and gifts in the paper

All said wenzhou gift, but a lot of people don't know, wenzhou what is as a gift, do what gifts. Work also met ritual nets, guests to wenzhou, want to examine wenzhou gift market, but they don't know where to go, and then call "work ritual nets" ask things. We are here to give you a ShuLi.

We usually say of the wenzhou gifts, business gifts, crystal gift supplieris actually the wenzhou city walk further south, distribution in pingyang, cangnan two places are in the majority. Pingyang and cangnan belongs to wenzhou region of the two counties, plus, two area is immediately adjacent, played a cluster effect, so, usually foreign, mostly to wenzhou gift call.

The two areas, the gift industry is developed, it's still very their industry have the relationship. In summary: pingyang basically do metal badge, metal COINS and gift box packing (including wooden box and iron box), in recent years and resin handicraft alluvial gold flocking furnishing articles enterprise has a fairly quantity. At present, pingyang have gift manufacturers many 1200, home to more than 80 enterprises above designated size, large gifts industrial park 2, gift commercial street and gift many square in 2010, the total sales of gifts to more than 60 one hundred million yuan, and to be the gift is the largest, the most influential and most potential gift production base.

And cangnan longgang as "China printing city",crystal craft company the printing industry developed to some extent, also, laid the local gift of industry development, such as advertisement fan, accounts pastes, calendar, and other products that is closely related with printing. Of course, people of wenzhou, dare to rush, who dares, extremely has the characteristics of business mind, wenzhou gift industry is one of the reasons the developed.

South from wenzhou, Ryan, and the world, starting from wenzhou, high-speed travel about in 40 minutes.

Pingyang has two places, arts and crafts merchants more concentrated. One is the zheng floor pingyang county town, another place, is located in the town of Yang excavators American way. This should be a real handicraft street. Gift packaging, wooden crafts, the badge make to order, flocking alluvial gold crafts are in the majority. Most manufacturers are also here business points.

Zheng floor gift city

Electric JiaoPen, electronic currency counting wash all kinds of electric massage device, process ChaGuan, all kinds of advertising a calendar, all kinds of health care pillow, temperature such products can be in this world "small yiwu" has said the zheng floor gift street to see.

Reports say "town in 2009 business gifts as high as 10 traded more than, its output occupied the whole town industrial output value of half 'jiangshan'".

About wenzhou pingyang, cangnan handicraft, crystal wine stopper manufacturergift introduction work ritual nets on September 23, 2011 source: work ritual nets author: ChenZhiKang

Cangnan: China printing city

From pingyang to go south, 20 minutes' drive from open, and the cangnan longgang. Longgang said, from the gift that come from this as "China printing city" of the title.

Longgang to, you can smell the air here "printing taste", here for printing, also is the whole people all soldiers, not only full size printing, and upstream and downstream meticulous division, plate-making, printing and binding, etc can all be in a different place, a lot of, also all couples have workshop mode existing.

The printing industry developed, to a great extent promote the gift of industry development. Such as advertisement fan, notepad, non-woven bag, these products as a promotional advertising gift, the biggest characteristic is to above do printing, a business name do promotion. And a special like calendar, calendar, accounts pastes, playing CARDS, such products, basic depend to printing process, can be completed. Longgang's printing industry developed, also contributed to the entire jinxiang, printing product the development of the enterprise.

Gift city, mainly with advertising, promotional gifts to give priority to. Such as, key ring, mouse pads, advertisement fan, cup mat, advertisement pen, advertising towels etc, accounts pastes notepad, electronic small gifts, playing CARDS, non-woven bag at the same time, it will rally around some of the gifts, such as plastic lunch box, jade carving furnishing articles, crystal handicraft, electronic gifts series products.

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