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High market prices low discount lamps iffy rigged

Recently, the reporter in visit each big lamps of stores, found a very strange phenomenon of "thousands of yuan can use hundreds of yuan to buy, with the brand with style in different store prices also have very big difference", all kinds of material, modelling, function the illumination luminaries of the full of beautiful things in eyes, found out from them the exact time the HuaTou under a have a hangover, when the choose and buy it is gradually spend fascinated the human eye.

Too difficult

Mark a price 6000 yuan straight down to 600 yuan

In a lighting city store, the reporter just take the door,crystal ashtray factory  took calculator affably welcomed to come up. She according to the description of the reporters, recommended a diameter of about 50 centimeters of crystal droplight. A look at the price tag-6000 yuan, can't help but be a scare. Didn't expect one side of  immediately raised calculator, fingers agile ground above "as" by a few, says it can play of the discount, the price is 3600 yuan. See the reporter didn't what reaction,  and said, if even the restaurant, bedroom light choose words together, still can apply for lower discount, as for discount can low as a few fold,  said to wait after selected style, buy enough products after full price 600 yuan not impossible.

All say shopping is cost-effective than, lamps and not only the price elusive, performance is qualitative also let a person easily have a hangover. Of the above mentioned  told reporters the crystalline light is recommended, emphasize its material is crystal. But in the pressed by reporters again and again, she just said, crystal lotus candleholderthis kind of crystalline light most of the transparent tube bending is made of glass, the only bend pipe in the middle of the few transparent ball is crystal material is qualitative.

"Hide and seek"

Waste your breath and a waste of time

This kind of market of lamps, high price low discount phenomenon very serious. Some sales people is that, this kind of phenomenon let those who will cut price customers can obtain the psychological comfort, the businessman also does not suffer. And for those who will not cut price customers, the businessman is ordered to make more profit.

And, of course, market of lamps this plain code marks a price since the firm offers indicates a phenomenon, the many consumers hate to hear. The scene a miss liu told us, the average consumer is not market veteran, in the purchase of goods, the relative lack of professional knowledge, can't tell how much is a reasonable price, crystal building modelif the seller deliberately cheat consumers is the elevation of the price. And the other a consumer, says that although some people think bargaining around is a kind of fun, but he to this kind of business, "practice" feel very tired, each stand are going to be so, eight lamp buy down, the entire market at least up and down around the along while, takes too long, and wound up. How much more thought to cut the so-called "the lowest price", go back to family and friends a comparison, still feel that fall into the "price trap", that annoyed, they don't mention it.



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