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« "Seven" generalization of home textile market newest gift status quo Try to talk about the crystal rolling door product market the causes of the rapid development »

Home textile gift development present situation and developing trend forecast analysis

China's home textile market space is enormous. According to authoritative forecast, in the next 10 years, home textile market the growth rate of the year will not be less than 20%, that is to 2010, China's home textile products consumption will reach nearly 1.5 trillion yuan. Such a big market, the gift for home textile industry of sustainable development to create the unlimited business opportunities. Business is the opportunity, but also a challenge. Only accurately grasp the opportunities, and the opportunity to insight into business opportunities into wealth. So, home textile gift development present situation and future development trend?

The present situation of the gifts home textile

Present situation, home a gift as a new force

The home textile product industry in gift, handicraft, electronic products, than crystal gifts, gift bags to much later, but the home textile product after the gifts, but soon become the hottest new bestow favor on, just a few short years time, home textile gift sales have to ascend to the gift company 20% of sales amount to 30%, and have steadily rising trend. Home textile gifts from the original single products-silk by expanding for a variety of raw materials, many kinds of style dozens of varieties. Especially the innovative home textile gifts, already far walk in the front of the big market home textile.

The current situation, home textile gift demand

Home textile gift gift market by extraordinary welcome, more and more gifts company will home textile gifts as a marketing business of the day. This phenomenon is not an accident. As is known to all,crystal gift supplier to gift company as the main body of the network gift market, whether business gifts, gift ceremony, the gifts, promotional gifts or group welfare, its essence is a bulk order. The choose and buy in bulk orgnaization of business gift for most is "recipients" want to??????? "Recipients" is like? So who will actually by orgnaization of social potential demand trend, they often on this basis, a "new" some, "peculiar" some choice. Social economic development period, people life level continue to improve, home textile products renewal cycle shortens, and the home textile product has life must be sex and used frequently characteristic of, cause sustained strong demand. With a brain gift company it is found that the business opportunities, and increase the strength of home textile gift marketing, thus achieved very good economic benefit. For example in the gift of silk by becoming the satisfying Ephraim companies, and the other gifts home textile company can hin, the son GuChuan,crystal craft company both in the home textile market is to benefit from large gifts gifts home textile manufacturers, and fill the home textile gift market a few small mill type of home textile brand is numerous, why do so many bouncy gifts manufacturing chamber of commerce value, the gift market this big cake. Or because the home textile market potential huge gold mine!

Gifts home textile products form

A, gift the home textile product features

Home textile products applied to gift selling, got huge favour and attention. Because of home textile products has the following characteristics, destined to be gift industry often sell products and best selling goods.

1, life necessities (buy practical)
One of life's a third time in sleep, and spent on the bed time but also to more than the Numbers, so the bedding of life quality of life has a great influence. Whether welfare supplies, or promotion articles, or business gifts, people hopes to get is a practical products. Home textile products is people's life must products, such as arts and crafts and compared with the more strong practicability. So choose home textile products can really to accept people bring true bulk material benefits, is the "actual" choice.

2, every day will supplies (use frequent sex)

Home textile products not but people life must products, but also every day people need products, also destined to the home textile products will frequently used characteristics.crystal ashtray factory No matter whether welfare supplies, or promotion articles, or business gifts, because people use every day, and the choice of home textile products can be more employees on enterprise reflects the concern, business to consumer feedback, or master to guests blessing.

3, home fashion product (update cycle short)

As people living standard rise, home textile products is no longer a durable consumer goods, it is people mood, the embodiment of the individual character that occupy the home. Now, home textile products already more and more close to clothing, different season, different mood will have different function and style of the household environment and atmosphere, can use different home textile products. So, in the gift a bulk selection, in the home textile product is can often use.

Second, gifts home textile products form

In the home textile industry, we already know, its product category multiple rich, roughly divided into towel, bed, kitchen, shade, art, carpet, palmer, line, bags, flocking and so on the series products. And in the gift home textile, more common main is kind, be subclasses, pieces of carpet, mat classes, and kind of wait for that.

Pieces of products. Generally refers to a suite of home textile of PCS per set, relatively common is three times, four pieces, etc. Because the number of packages, fabric product pieces, beautiful form, printing, dyeing, design, craft etc have more flexible space, so whether welfare products, or sales promotion product, or is business gifts, as long as the demand not particularly big budget, the differences between PCS per set of products can meet its needs, is the gift of all sales.

Be kind of product. Be kind of product mainly by filler there exist a lot of different varieties. Chemical fiber class, wool, silk, feathers, tencel, etc. Be the same kind of product variety, with price a long, can adapt to the use form of gifts sales. Because be kind of product is not easy to identify stuffed inside, also make class of sales of the products can form a larger profit space. Especially silk by, with its unique quality, unique selling point more by the of favor, especially on the welfare of the product sales, has many advantages, it is the gift selling his treasure.

Blanket products. Usually in the gift of sales, according to the price and different purposes of, of the blanket is divided into 2 kinds. A quality is good, price is high blanket, more suitable for family use bed, such as thick interview, raschel blankets, etc. This kind of product its quality because of the advantage, is suitable for welfare product or business gift. Another kind is relatively poor quality, but the function is bright, the price is low, such as air conditioning shawls, TV cover blankets, animal carpet etc. This kind of product its price and function because of the selling point advantage, especially for the promotion of the sales order.

Mat products. General home textile, mat class mattresses, cushion, cushion for leaning on, etc. In the gift sale, the cushion for leaning on class has been formed the mainstream. Cushion for leaning on products with its low price and the characteristics of large size to value-added feeling. Especially now cushion for leaning on of products in style and function on a lot of extension, such as cushion for leaning on is. Form the gift of sales promotion product sales of the mainstream of the products.

That kind of product. That kind of product is the biggest advantage of low price. In large sales promotion in order, many procurement budget are low, and for this kind of purchasing speaking,crystal horses that kind of product to a great extent, to make up for the home textile product of other for low prices order vacancy. Today the towel products in design, beautiful form also, package of the great efforts, low price is large promotion order ace in the hole.

As can be seen, the home textile products, various kinds of products has different characteristics and respectively different advantage, that is, in view of the different target customer groups and different procurement requirements, home textile products can meet the corresponding. Say so, home textile products are gift industry often sell products and best selling goods. Because now people to household quality has a higher request, more pursuit health, environmental protection concept, make silk by become home textile products most of the advantages of the category.



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