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« " electricity" save electricity: technology innovation is the key "Seven" generalization of home textile market newest gift status quo »

Creative household love on PengCheng shenzhen gift show in April

Life, festival, inevitably some birthday anniversary gift offer, and many friends for gifts already, want to find both creative and unique gift, see gift exhibition is a good choice. April 25 to 28, "the 20 th China (shenzhen) international gift, handicraft, watches and clocks, and household products exhibition" will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center.

"China's gift to the no.1 household," said the shenzhen gift household exhibition, with up to square meters of 11 display size, four days of show attracted over 3300 enterprises at home and abroad in the exhibition, the audience will present to 140000 people. The gift covers all aspects the basic necessities, handicrafts, household decoration, electronic products, leather bags, toys all press attribute classify ground to the show, outstanding creativity, science and technology, green and window.

Cleaning products can also colorful bloom

Life is colorful, shenzhen gifts home show, you will personally experience the feeling of the brilliant flowers in spring. Colourful flower is beautiful right, if you think this is an art place,crystal wine stopper chinathen you're wrong, they are convenient and practical life supplies. Look at this flower pattern is full, colorful flowers is actually handle the brush with kitchen, can put in the sink, also can stick on the wall has suckers, it still can be placed on the back of the clean cloth, a multi-purpose content can also increase the kitchen and with a beautiful beautiful colour. The same and floret bottle of all sorts of modelling, let many ordinary bottle, also can blossom delicate and charming flowers.

4 the backpack ascension safety coefficient

Double shoulder bag bag compared it even more health,crystal square ashtray because it accord with human body engineering, can let the pressure spread to the whole body, can maximum limit alleviate fatigue, and release the out of my hands, a lot of people love back it. But it always in sight, also let the thief organic can while. EasySport brings the latest development of the exhibitors "4-" backpack, the cut, and cut the pickpocket, prevent, walk, all-round protect your property.

Look be like common backpack, why have the most safe "4-" functions? The cut: bag by UK military technology patent of the cut cloth, use a knife to cut all the hard row; The pickpocket: SuoTou parts have the lock design, want to lock clasp solution is very easy to be perceived; The walk: eat outside, we like the backpack on the side seat or behind, so it is easy to walk, covering with the three digits trick lock, the BaoSuo in a chair, a lot is safe. The cut: this is a shoulder bag with passed by special processing, ordinary scissors cut is constant.

A content multi-purpose, lamp act the role ofing also environmental protection

ShuiJingYan lamp modelling antique, modelling is very beautiful, it will not only have adornment effect. The earliest ShuiJingYan lamp popular in high demand for the environment of European countries, and now has become the most popular domestic act the role ofing international gifts. These salt with natural light ShuiJingYan ore handiwork is made, through the lighting of the temperature, absorb the air a little water, can release negative ions, purify air. Not only that, ShuiJingYan lamp of electromagnetic waves of people and light waves with a clear mind, body and mind has adjust function, special natural orange pink can build a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, relieve pressure.

In recent years, with people's life and consumption level increases, the life also had higher levels of pursuit. According to organizers lizhan sinoexpo introduction,crystal pen set home act the role ofing makes fashion trends highlighted the importance of jewelry become unit and individual fashionable gift giving. In boosting domestic consumption demand, creative gift market could become more promising.

It is reported, nanjing, Shanghai bo shi's products, according to manasseh, Ephraim's household satisfying ritual industry, clean li ya, ai ai YeWenHua, send group, fang grace home etc household items are sure the giant, to serve on the latest design originality. Now just to show the audience's pre-registration, can not only free admission, also will receive a complimentary bus ride the subway ticket, saves the time and cost of the exhibition.

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