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" electricity" save electricity: technology innovation is the key

The development of the nature always show from a lower to the high level, development by the universal law of weak became strong, lighting industry is even more so. Since the October 1879 22, the great inventor Thomas Edison lit the first one really has extensive human practical value since the lights, through the exploration of later generations, and the constant technology innovation, from the initial development of incandescent lamp to energy-saving lamps, again to the current higher content of science and technology of semiconductor lighting, the energy consumption to energy conservation, flood to consummate change, shows that man for as long, never stop.

"Electric lighting is also in line with" no most province electricity only more province electricity "the concept of innovation, lighting industry in silent and cultivated, developed more province electricity more perfect semiconductor lighting, for this, the reporter recently visited the" electric lighting, the general manager Mr. YuanJie interview, makes people more clearly understand "" electricity with what to save on electricity, diamond suppliertechnology innovation is the key" the enterprise idea more profound survival skills.

Reporter: total yuan, could you tell me something about the "electric lighting the name have any special meaning?

YuanJie: this year since business was good, order compared to the same period, increases the annulus comparing a lot, but in the plan in advance according to our orderly of production and shipment,crystal craft company deeply customer consistent high praise; Ha ha! Actually "electric lighting to also do not have what special meaning, use standard mandarin read is" "electricity" electricity, save electricity province electricity ", let a person hear very natural can produce a kind of save electricity association, will be a very good we product development concept, best performance clearly show in everyone's mind, the influence is bigger.

Reporter: your product is really very province electricity?

YuanJie: exactly, the LED lighting, LED crystal lamp is the most province electricity LED lighting, 40 W incandescent lamp light before brightness, we need only 3 W leds can be done well, and even less than 3 W.

Reporter: "how do electric lighting effect?

YuanJie: from the state of environmental protection and energy saving the policy level that incandescent lamp of phased out the schedule has already is very clear, the big short life energy consumption is its drawbacks, but actually has a maximum incandescent lamp is the advantages of up to 360 ° of light, this is the lighting of the industry are beyond the other light source, they have a plenty of single direction of light, have a plenty of pointlike, linear to shine, and can use to household lighting inside too limited, want to shake incandescent lamp status in the lighting industry be replaced really is not an easy thing. We "electric lighting is according to this thinking direction to think, to study, the reference of incandescent lamp light irradiation principle, the characteristics of the light source of LED solid, and then after two optical refraction diffusion, let" electric lighting to the development of 3 W, 5 WLED light source used to the crystal lamp, the candle light produce efficiency can reach 360 ° diffusion, not even the dark areas (currently on the market bubble, candle lights LED the ball is the most upside has light bulb) make it more bright luminosity more glittering and translucent and, more transparent. Thus 3 W LED lighting can replace 40 W incandescent lamp, brightness and even more than 40 W, Mr. Reporter: you said this is a "electricity, or save electricity?

Reporter: is "electricity for our province in electricity. The "electric LED lighting in addition to save electricity are other some window?

YuanJie: our LED products and now the industry LED lamp biggest difference lies in the light body design and heat, and (Mr. Yuan to take us apart a modern crystalline light on the above LED kind introduction) you see, in the light body design, we didn't let independent become a lamp LED, but will it blend in to the light body, both are one, called integrated modern crystalline light. Plus we will LED light source built-in the light body inside, the modern crystalline light the light body is hollow mutually, in order to achieve the most large area will shine light when the heat generated by the effective through the light body cooling, achieve the best of the heat transfer. This is the so-called physical cooling principle, rather than the market now the heat on mechanical structure. At the time, the structure after more than two years of continuous test, and finally by the "zero" crystal candle standdefect failure report through the batch production license.

Reporter: we understand that at present, the LED the market seems to be no one can do the technical effect, how did you do it?

YuanJie: we "electric lighting from start LED lighting industry investment, it is the earliest sortie industry LED lighting entity enterprise. Because of LED products on the market is still in the patch, linear local adornment effect, not really achieve lighting "face light source" the effect requirements, I would like to can't let our electric lighting LED lighting "as soon as possible to the real lighting area into, this is I have been think, unfolds enterprise development responsibility? Since 2009, I began to form a new research and development team, abroad to review, investment research and LED lighting, 3 years, and we put most of the energy into the new accountability project, after the experiment, the next step is to be I've direct negative continuously, the development of the mould, structure improvement, tightly around a "save electricity" engineering to improve, and millions of dollars in money, my family is also have more than once that I give up the study, but I always believe that to have a good results must have persist on perseverance. Now "nearly 2000 product on the market successfully," the return of the hardships of nine years I venture.

Reporter record:
For this interview the author quite have the feeling. crystal gift babyThe current economic a fiercely competitive society, there are many enterprise starting point is mostly for their own benefit, in order to do light and do light, but YuanJie is from belongs to a kind of love and light to crush, society a responsibility to production and r&d lamp, bold to improve into science and technology, make more benefit the society, lighting, this is a plain ordinary quality, this also is worth pondering reflection of quality. Therefore, this will be, launched a series of reports, take you continue to further understanding of the "electric lighting.


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