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Crystalline light industry is price gradually civilian eight big trends

Crystalline light into the domestic market has about two hundred and thirty years of history, especially the past dozen years, along with the rapid development of economy and people life level of ascent, the crystalline light more and more get the favour of people, crystalline light enterprise also have sprung up, market competition becomes increasingly intensified. The future of crystalline light industry trend will how? Reporter according to the market research results are comprehensive analysis, think crystalline light industry will show the eight big trend.

The upper LED light source

Since always, of crystalline light mainstream light source is incandescent lamp, power consumption is facing the crystalline light a big problem. To the crystalline light of 30 head as an example,crystal table clock the use of light bulb every lamp holder is 40 W, lights will cost per hour 1.2 KWH. A lot of consumer buying crystalline light not to light after. LED light source for energy conservation, the environmental protection and life long characteristics, is believed to be the first choice of alternative incandescent lamp light. Many LED the enterprise is trying to break through the technical bottleneck, to replace incandescent lamp LED light source. Since last year history of jiangsu ford photoelectric developed yulan bubble series products, LED the call of the incandescent lamp replacement more and more is also high, in three years is expected to be fully LED light bulb to replace the incandescent light bulb, become the mainstream of crystalline light source.

Crystalline light miniaturization

Due to the crystalline light used in large hotel and many clubs, and other places, and are relatively large volume before. In order to walk into "common people's home", in recent years,crystal candle stand the gold of lighting drive, the crystalline light constantly thin body, more than 60% of the traditional crystalline light enterprises have been design developed miniaturization household crystalline light, to meet the needs of the consumers average household.

The product price of common people

With elegant, gorgeous inner temperament, crystal lamp has appeared on hotels, clubs and villa and other places. The high price of crystalline light is the traditional characteristics. However, in recent years due to the increasing number of crystalline light, intense market competition, many crystalline light enterprise have to lower the price, compression profit space to get more orders. Crystal lamp price therefore will more and more common people. Channel 2 3 class market sinking

As profits space bigger, in recent years, many enterprises have to mount a horse crystal lamp project. Just in zhongshan, crystalline light from the finished product enterprise five years ago more than 200 home to the wild current many 1500. Enterprise quantity to rapidly increase, causes the market competition. "The village surround city" as many small and medium-sized crystalline light the first choice of channel developing enterprise strategy. And the old crystalline light enterprise in primary market stability heel also began to plunge after only two 3 class market. As crystal lamp products continual miniaturization, prices are accessible, and two 3 class market consumer also gradually can accept crystal lamp. Crystal lamp enterprise channel sinking will become an inevitable trend.

Stylist resources rob war began

In the commercial lighting area, stylist resources race of the cloud of smoke. And in the crystalline light field, rob designer resources of the battle has just started. In the fight for the designer resources, gold of the most rapid action lighting. According to understand, through the sponsorship outfit stylist selection activities, gold has been the last two or three years of lighting in excavates designer resources has made the good performance. In addition to gold of lighting, the ancient town has many crystalline light enterprise also start invisible channel developing work.

Custom designed the favour

In the hotel engineering, often a hall only need a single or a few crystal lamp, the number is not much from watching, but even so, a lot of stylist also has idea always personally design lighting products. It will need to cooperate with the factory designers of the custom designed. To do the crystalline light of domestic enterprise that, if it's not the custom designed as a service to the customer's powerful weapon, will in the future competition lose a lot of opportunities.

Market segmentation is more obvious

Market segmentation is industry development to a certain extent, enterprise have to use the business strategy. In recent years, lighting industry was constantly highlight market segmentation, crystalline light field is not exceptional also, such as the Oriental lighting, the eagle huang lighting focus on hotel engineering crystal lamp, and beauty xin lighting are focused on household crystal lamp. With the increasing of crystalline light enterprises, increasing competition, the future of crystalline light industry segments market will be more obvious.

After-sales services professional

Cleaning is difficult of crystalline light a large soft rib. The single dealers for, for clients to provide crystalline light cleaning, maintenance services, this will increase the cost of operation, this is a lot of businessmen who are not willing to face the reality. So, some professional crystal lamp (including other lighting) after-sales service agencies arises at the historic moment. With the continuous improvement of the after-sales service business,crystal car model the future lighting industry appears likely to specialization, LianSuoHua after-sales services.

Monopoly area into the mainstream sales mode

Relative to other lighting products it, crystalline light need larger exhibition area, and a single crystal lamp store and can't meet the diverse needs of consumers, therefore, the real stores mode is not suitable for crystal lamp. Based on this, the monopoly area mode will be best of exhibition is crystalline light mode.

More brand operation gradually popular

More brand operation is the enterprise seizes the market share of a marketing strategy. According to the current manufacturers mode, and in every city, manufacturer is normally only find a agent or dealers, but because individual dealer sales radiation ability is limited, and it is difficult to ensure that year after year to rise steadily. Only through the many manufacturers brand operation expand more channel resources to ensure sales. At the same time, consumer spending to different levels, the enterprise should take the high and low consumer demand to meet, through the ladder more brand operation can solve such a problem. Because of this, crystalline light more enterprise brand operation will continue to pop down.

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