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Have crystal jade lighting transparence service honourable life

"Crystal jade" lighting brand in 2006 won the national registered trademark, crystal jade is YeSongFen lady to adapt to the brand, the founder of the domestic and international lighting lamps and market demand, and consumers for the launch of the combines traditional and modern, classics and fashionable crystal droplight, dome light, large project light, low voltage modern lamp etc series products.

Crystal jade lighting adhering to the "people-oriented, quality win" the management idea, follow the trend of The Times, for each product from design to select material, from select material to make, all into the modern popular culture fashionable element. Classical and modern, fashion and personality is acted the role of modelling, meet different consumer groups to pursue different grade life needs. The company has its own research and development, the production, the sales team, using crystal glass, aluminum metal, ceramic silk, cloth art cane and precious nanometer material such as silver clasp, use Germany packaging technology designing and manufacturing high brightness, light failure, antioxidant little less power consumption, long service life,diamond supplier energy conservation and environmental protection of rich and colorful lights modelling, the collection is practical with adornment sex in one body. And no matter new guise of modern lighting with different shapes, even the traditional lanterns again, crystal jade will also rely on high quality to make the classic. Every light lamp ACTS the role of each arc standard unified, plus the second generation all import nanometer vacuum plating is 360 degrees, so that the entire light assembly line smooth, flat out.

Crystal jade production company is located in guangdong province, lighting the high-tech industry park of jiangmen city, and the world famous "lights are China," the river and stand. Company strength, with a number of professional product production line; Technology comprehensive, development out many leading lighting enterprise,crystal ashtray factory unique style of the novel style lighting products; The product quality is stable, network spreads the whole China, several years products exported to southeast Asia, the Middle East and the European and American market, the company established in China in hundreds of stores and the inn in inn, is the only one has the independent stores online manufacturer.

Crystal jade lighting after years of effort, the products not only for mass acceptance and awareness rising all the way, especially in the past two years, crystal jade lighting got rapid progress. To get more of the north China consumers understand and agree with crystal jade lighting, convenient far north China market, crystal jade lighting in Beijing li river set up "crystal jade north China logistics center", respectively, have "crystal jade li river gallery" and "crystal jade al gallery", thus fulfilling the zero cost of choose and buy across the region, reflect the products from the "manufacturers and consumers" straight camp mode. In real estate, building materials market last year decorate adjust,crystal perfume bottle supplier many lighting products tend to be left out in the cold, depression, crystal jade lighting with reliable technical support and ushered in the new development opportunity. The company in zhongshan times square with large flagship store at the same time, in 2012, in order to meet consumers' needs, the company research and development of new products- -" mathieu flamini "sincere to the market and in zhongshan guzhen town and add new Oriental Andrew brand flagship store.

All the results, is inseparable from the crystal jade lighting the hardworking sweat and as the founders of the wise decision, crystal jade people how much time of dedication, in exchange for the consumer to its more trust! Push forward stepwise crystal jade grow!


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