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Lighting industry jerry plating quality far

Quality problem has been lighting industry is notoriously difficult, related quality supervision department last year the product sampling observation results show that the lighting industry quality qualified rate not satisfactory, some local energy-saving lamps the qualified rate of less than 20% even. This year the lamps and lanterns of recent selective examination results also bad product, more than sixty percent of the unqualified suggested to jiangxi, hunan qualitative inspect branch quality check lamps more than fifty percent not qualified. We are in online and newspapers see so-and-so place so-and-so is falling from the ceiling or crystalline light lanterns head blunt force trauma, the businessman had to compensation for the loss of the news.crystal perfume bottle supplier Some retailers and enterprise big call fall for it, accused parts enterprises to cheat on labor and material, cause lighting products in the compression, high temperature resisting, flame retardant of do not conform to the production requirements, quality, and accessories business is also has a bitter couldn't say: "I also don't want to waste products, if not finished product enterprise demand, we have no necessary to do so." Who should be responsible for consumers?

So now some accessories jerry enterprise, its product shoddy and not to be people find that, in the means and methods is varied, and that pattern renovates ceaselessly. Jerry but nothing more than several situations.

Product material thickness is not enough, this in hardware, glass and other accessories products performance especially clear. Now many lamps products are used in a variety of different thickness of the chassis, such as absorb dome light chassis, flat low-pressure lamp chassis. Customers in the purchase these lamps, take high quality products and inferior products in hand weigh can feel products weight, this is because the need have 0.8 centimeters chassis, some parts enterprises only produced 0.6 centimeters or more thin products. Such chassis easy because high temperature and the gravity and winding,crystal wine stopper manufacturer product easy to deformation and distortion. Level 2 plate replacement level 1 plank. The so-called level 1 plank, refers to the parts enterprises in purchasing raw materials into, the procurement of raw materials manufacturers have been plank tested to meet the requirements of the relevant technology hardware plank kind; and Level 2 plate is those after enterprise to detect unqualified and was out of the plate screening, both between price under 20%. Plating quality far. Some parts enterprises not only with material cut corners in the, in the same "jerry" s, this in electroplating enterprise of most obvious reflect. Plating quality good enterprise, in to the hardware on plating, general need time-consuming eight hours, every square metre electroplating takes 80-90 yuan, use 2 years will not rust; Low quality plating product is only spend more than two hours, every square metre cost as long as 50-60 yuan also, use 2 months after they are easy to rust. Some of the finished product enterprise often rush shipment, require electroplating enterprise the sooner the better, but also to save cost plating enterprise, push the same time, it is easy to cause the plating quality didn't guarantee.

Of course, in the process, employees craft and so on,crystal plane model different enterprise will be because of the different quality control, produce different deviation. Rebecca cut corners "dishonest trader" one word, since ancient times, this is because the merchant's actions, ultimately seek interests for, and jerry is the consistent profiteer technique. Now some unruly lighting industry enterprise the this kind of behavior to get incisively and vividly, this from ancient to the bad habits have been around, after one thousand years of validation: everything is driven. According to the understanding of the hardware appliances, general manager of SuWeiJian is introduced, and now the whole lighting parts enterprises are facing such a problem: parts enterprises to finished product enterprise supply, meet rising prices of raw materials, it is difficult to realize the synchronization of accessories rise, finished product enterprise even constantly pressure unit price; Also, finished product enterprise to supply business, although the material prices continued to rise, the businessman or in constant pressure unit price, in the whole lighting products industry chain form vicious cycle. On the one hand the world is the price of raw material continuously rise, especially hardware kind of copper, aluminum and other materials, but also doubled up, plus now enterprise employee wages are constantly improve, parts of the profits of the business as compressed biscuits, a little squeezed out. Accessories market is not mature jerry was gross of light it, but for many parts enterprises, finished product manufacturer, and even shops connive, even become the finished product enterprise order of unspoken rules: see goods order. This is not parts enterprises their own reasons, for accessories market is not mature, in the whole accessories supply system, the emergence of a huge loophole. Spare parts quality standard shortage. Our staff when the market, many parts enterprises in reflecting the product quality issues, often reflect the most is the most parts without relevant technology the authentication, especially compulsory certification. Parts fittings even basic technical reference index all have no, such as metal, glass, etc. These parts in some other industries situations, relevant national authorities have related technical index, but these accessories to apply the unwinding of lighting products. Finished product enterprise receiving standard missing. According to information, enterprise in order to parts enterprises purchase, even the basic drawing all have no, some necessary technical standards and requirements, but also don't speak of, don't even say perfect receiving inspection, examination procedures and the person in charge of the special. SuWeiJian told reporters that some enterprise or even give only a product model, requires accessories business development according to the samples. Additional as we have learned, some finished enterprise for access to price competitive advantage, only request accessories enterprise production under a certain price of spare parts, and no matter how parts quality.

According to the requirements of the production quality results can be imagined how accessories. Enterprise engineering design understaffed. Because the lighting industry with the fake products, part of the enterprise solely rely on "fake" and survival, the so-called "design personnel" also just fake ace and steal lamp veteran, enterprise and no perfect product development department and engineering design personnel. According to understand, because lack of engineering and design staff, finished product enterprise cannot provide complete development mold, the cause was finished product enterprise development design products after purchase accessories, into parts enterprises development by the requirements of the finished product enterprise with accessories, again by selected and finished product enterprise assembly. One can put an end to cut corners three parties because jerry, sell the lighting products with great security hidden danger, it is easy to bring harm to the consumer, society, but also because jerry, product once found, finished product will return from businesses to finished product factory, and then to parts enterprises, will eventually need to parts enterprises rework, harm set. How to put an end to cut corners, guide the industry to positive health direction? SuWeiJian said increased quality of accessories, not only need the government to make relevant policies and standard and carry out the right guidance, still need from businesses, finished product enterprise, accessories enterprise three joint effort, can purify the profession business environment. First need to parts enterprises strengthen self-discipline, such as a club of the organization and accessories, through the industry association set up a few rules and regulations, standard parts enterprises behavior. In addition, parts enterprises should also increase QC, engineering and technical personnel and design staff, strengthen its technical strength and strengthen products inspection.

According to information, finished product enterprise because of the lack of receiving procedures and special examination personnel, it's easy to let inferior products smooth, so in purchasing should be finished product enterprise show that technical indicators, from staff responsible for testing. Because the product sell to consumers at the businessman, this be the market circulation of the last hurdle, the businessman of the intensity of the quality consciousness, will be about fitting product quality.

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