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The LED illumination enterprise should guard "ious" pull a fund chain

The national bureau of statistics, according to figures released in May this year, China's consumer price index (CPI) reaches as high as 5.5%, the central bank decided to from June 20, raise deposit reserve rate up 0.5%, and this is the sixth time this year to raise deposit reserve rate. The central bank's monetary policy in effective liquidity back at the same time, increase the small and medium-sized enterprises to acquire the difficulty of bank loans. Credit-tightening let many enterprises face the dilemma of funds, and for most lighting lighting enterprise, it must be more vigilant industry popular years of "ious", once the capital chain is its "break", consequence will be unimaginable.

Present situation "ious is a ticking time bomb so-called industry" ious, "is on the industrial base, between enterprise through the collection of honour or agreed payment shall be paid and unpaid default of payment called, is the enterprise default payment for goods between by the formation of the chain debt relations. Usually: business owe the debt of finished product enterprise, finished product enterprise owe parts enterprises of the debt, crystal gifts manufacturerparts enterprises and more raw material upstream of the enterprise owe the debt. Or appear a similar debt relations: input-output-backlog-again-again-into default output-again-and the backlog of default. Therefore, the enterprise and between enterprise would be in a "great big loss, small-scale production small loss, not production also compensate" vicious cycle. And the ancient town special monthly checks and logistics transportation enterprise "checked advances, and" function, also for "ious" growth to provide a hotbed.

Due to the monthly checks and "checked advances, and" in the lighting industry in many years, the ancient town now by the formation of the mode is basically: factory shipment,crystal craft factory the goods to (customer or manufacturer designated) freight company, according to the requirements of logistics enterprise manufacturers indicate collection methods (paid or not paid, paid way the majority), and have the goods sent to the destination. After the goods to again according to factories require within a certain period of payment will be back. Logistics enterprise general to manufacturer will be 30 days to 60 days of the expected range check. And the manufacturer will use these expected checks, and again from a suppliers production material, in this period, many enterprises will use the check to between settlement, logistics enterprise bear the risk paid at the same time, also took control of a given period of time could cash. Merchants, manufacturers, logistics, accessories, and other "ious" relationship then entanglements. Reporter survey found that small and medium-sized enterprise is mostly private enterprise, "ious" phenomenon is very popular. Enterprise in order to co-opted the customer, mostly with the customer on "take way, a few months" a paragraph belongs to the common phenomenon.

As countries implement recently to tighten monetary policy, the central bank barrage raise deposit reserve rate and improve enterprise loan interest rate, the bank is policy influence, and based on the performance of consideration, dare not to leverage higher and credit concept is ignorance of small and medium-sized enterprise easily loans. This situation caused a lot of enterprise capital chain nervous, can't as usual pay on schedule supplier payment for goods. And factory production need raw materials, money does not reach the designated position will enter the "negative operation" condition, if a link to lack of funds, capital chain rupture became inevitable.

Survey small and medium-sized enterprise: financing blocked access since 2009, the state of the real estate market regulation, downstream of the lighting lighting industry is a big impact. The market downturn, raw material costs let manufacturers operators difficult. According to industry insiders revealed that this year household lighting and energy-saving light the day of the enterprise very difficult, 6 months, the two big category has 15% of the enterprise in the shutdown and half a shutdown state. Used to "ious" industries unspoken rules operation, with further monetary tightening, cash,crystal ashtray factory this help straw is difficult to get delayed. Even have enterprise old total exclamation: this year than 2008 financial crisis and sad. "In 2008, the money in the bank, in the benchmark interest rate loans almost, and interest rates rise 10%, at least some of the enterprise to get bank loans, interest rates at least rise 20%." crystal plane modelancient town is located in the industrial zone of cao three a crystalline light enterprise manager told reporters.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the beginning of foundation, the demand of turnover is not much. However, small and medium-sized enterprise once more to another level, will meet development bottleneck of the lack of money. "Generally speaking, to fund turnover in eight times for plan, if want to achieve 50 million yuan of annual sales, enterprise probably needs 6.25 million yuan of fixed assets, and liquidity, the registered capital is 10 million yuan to.

"A company for many years engaged in financial work of ms. Chen told reporters." Small and medium-sized enterprise financing was not easy, can raise so much money is more little little. "


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