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2012 lighting industry overall demand shrinking best-selling lamps prospects

According to the forecast, 2012 years of lighting industry overall demand will right amount to atrophy. Its total domestic demand will atrophy 10-20%, total demand abroad will shrink by 30% or more. So in 2012 is still difficult lighting industry, especially the first half of the year. The domestic competition, industry will be by "the ground competition" continue to transition into the "bowl competition".

2012 lighting lighting demand shrinking best-selling lamps trend forecast high-end product development trend: because high-end products is always to master the wealth of 80% 20% of the consumer class make,crystal table clock so by the economic environment influence is not big; And the true high-end products and can only be provided by a little brand, so the pressure of competition is small. Therefore, high-end products remained next year of 30-50% growth.

The development trend of products: with the economy big the influence of the situation, the city ordinary citizens class and small and medium-sized income groups consumption generally down, so the lighting products in 2011 was hit in 2012, following the still bearish. So in the end products in 2012 will be embarrassing.

2012 lighting industry overall demand shrinking best-selling lamps prospects?

The low end products development trend: focusing on three fourth market and rural market, low but better quality lighting products, the market situation is good, the space is larger. Quite a long time,crystal candle stand the main market will focus on the energy-saving lamps in the rural areas. Because of rural urbanization speed and the height of the new rural construction, this class of consumer spending are very large.

The lamps and lanterns of rural popular major will be: energy-saving lamps, dome light, LED the low end of the local lighting, traditional crystalline light and low voltage crystal lamp.

Crystalline light: because the national overall consumption level, development investment tide continued to transfer the Midwest, high-end hotels 2012 built more, the more demand for high-end crystalline light exuberant. Mid-range and ZhongDiDuan crystalline light citizens and rural demand is strong, so in 2012 crystal lamp situation remains will be good. Especially low voltage crystal lamp, as technology is mature day after day, is a large number of young love of consumers.

Modern lights: the overall trend is the modern lamp still bullish market, but consumers to design and quality requirements would be higher. The fashion simple modern lamp is still high grade nervous rhythm of life, the top people first choice, such as new, product the brand's source type; Like luxury decoration, romantic elite will choose the treasure fai, qi lang, gold, aspen, of the elder brother of the type of brand; Like personalized, artistic atmosphere grade a middle class, elite, senior white-collar will choose micah this kind of product. The three kinds of products will be a modern light the vane of demand.

European classical art lamp: European will become 2012 unpopular category. Due to the Europe type villa back hurriedly factors, civil will continue to reduce European light, but the influence of the population still ou feng in increase, so the number of individual groups can't be underestimated. Engineering is still European lamp 2012 big head, so must attach importance to the designer cooperation. The Europe type lights will inferior lose market, the craft is excellent, the taste is very sufficient European lights will gradually be more people of all ages.

Chinese style lamp: Chinese style lamp share will right amount to rise. Wood art lamp now although fareed zakaria, lack of art tension, but there are quite a lot of a class like better, especially the north consumers, so to develop power should keep up with, at present, YunDa, are all good boleyn brand; Sheepskin lamp not temperature is not fire, the sea shepherd OS, 2012 can continue to live a moist; Ceramic lamp crystal bo art, JingDe din also is pretty good, if not be productivity effect, crystal gift decorationstill can do more big, so have larger space.

The whole household lighting: the whole household lighting although slipped in 2011, but the whole category promising, 2012 should can batch rise. 2011 years of present situation is not just by the economic environment, but also because a lot of brand positioning not clear, products effort is insufficient; And in on channel float, promotion fatigue, dealers to force not weak, so it caused many enterprise suffer Waterloo.

In fact, 2011 years of good performance is whole to live in a brand, such as oupuoptics, Europe and, thousands, thousands at tai, because the product or channel position is good.

Engineering non-standard lamps and lanterns: as "stimulating domestic demand engineering" start-up, 2012 engineering lamps will have the good tendency of the sustainable development. Especially government projects, utilities and hotel engineering, next year of development of gold.

Electrician product: conceptual and intelligent is in 2012 the trend of electric products. The selling point of the electric products at present, most of the major manufacturers in function, structure, material fluctuation kongfu, has the area. Thus, in 2012 the heaviest if manufacturers in concept fluctuation kongfu, in the marketing strategy fluctuation kongfu, in product intelligent control fluctuation kongfu.

Energy-saving light: because of the influence of rare earth by rises and falls, energy-saving lamps in 2011 of the situation deepened the good and bad are intermingled. Lu powder energy-saving lamps to resurgence, indeed, was a catastrophe of the industry. 2012 will also crazy energy-saving lamps halogen powder for a while, but this momentum long.

Although LED products currently developing rapidly, but a short time or chi people out and energy-saving lamps dream--at least 2012 years is not possible. Moderate price, quality excellent energy-saving lamp is still most people 2012 years of choice. China's vast countryside, energy-saving lamp product is not set limit to the future.

The LED illumination: although LED lighting industry this year seems to be down to the freezing point, but still strong growth next year. A large government next year, utility engineering in the government's leading use LED products, although the debate, but this would be the fact that does not dispute; Civil part has also started to cut into the local market, into the preliminary incubation periods, channel development become a way of life and death. LED intelligent control is not only a kind of trend of the future, and will become the next year is an important selling point.

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