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Let LED lamps to civilian price competition in the market is king

With the loss of labor cost advantage, China energy-saving lamps, crystal lamp product price advantage also gradually lost. Instead, the energy conservation, the environmental protection has the characteristics of the LED products, these tidal current new light source products, in lighting market professionally. This new industry trend that the loss of the ancient town to see a silver lining. Up to last year, the ancient town has LED production and application in manufacturing enterprise nearly 500, the town LED output is 5 billion yuan. This means that, in a few years, the LED lighting lighting industry town already accounts for about a quarter of the output value.

In this batch of influx of capital, variety,crystal gifts manufacturer "a real estate, also have to do, and there are many young people of the logistics business, in addition, the traditional lighting lighting enterprises have gradually get involved in this new field." Industry insiders revealed that these entrepreneurs take the high growth and LED the market of the future development space.

In fact, the LED industry has revealed the good.

But because of excessive capital inflows, domestic LED but is also facing the embarrassment of disorder. "No fixed standard, enterprise's product quality is uneven." The people in the industry say, in the retail market, note the price of LED products from more than ten pieces to hundreds of pieces to differ, and LED lamps high cost, crystal perfume bottle supplierit is difficult to common people, generally low LED lamps may be fake and inferior.

But let the LED lighting civilian, but it is not an easy thing. crystal wine stopper manufacturer"Domestic LED enterprise mostly concentrated in the industrial chain of the application of the added value of the products the lowest links, and profits in higher partial shipments and chip link, and the enterprise is too little, especially in the development of the chip technology, the purification of core technology such as silicon, most of the master in USA, Japan, South Korea and other countries (hand), Chinese companies involved in LED industry, do not have completely right." A enterprise controller said.

Not only such, light source hard costs also remains high, "in LED products, to each country has different standard light source, the price also is fixed, cannot save or reduced, and this part of the cost of lamps more than a third of the cost." ZhangTianXing also said, these hard costs if can come down and the actual demand LED lamps can truly amplification.

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