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« Crystal photoelectric last year in income increased by 31% to 410 million yuan this year from shots Let LED lamps to civilian price competition in the market is king »

Small business to make big market a new phone beauty business trend

Cell phones, is individual character, vogue of mass consumer goods, its development updated speed changes with each new day, the flower thousands of yuan to buy mobile phone a few months after it no longer popular,crystal animal supplier scratch, off paint let love machine "youth death"............. How can we make the longer to flowed in the people to the tips of your fingers? Fashion phone beauty help you reach you.

To the unique businesses and entrepreneurial experience many times by the media, his face also through the screen for everywhere-he is known in the success of the first professional create China mobile phone beauty make-up mechanism, and quickly to join the chain business form in the national blossom everywhere, and attract more than 10 countries overseas to join the entrepreneurs of mobile phone make up LiJunFeng general manager-many.

Many business principle: I have no one, I have refined!

With professional do a professional matter, will make it the best do!

Many enterprise culture: excellent team, the passion and innovation, customer first, quality assurance, sense of responsibility;

Originality, dedication, and embrace change, loyalty, service, concentration, all rivers run into sea, are good at learning.

Become attached to mobile phones beauty initiation entrepreneurial ideas
In early 1996, just over the age of 21 LiJunFeng resolutely abandoned the hometown of that income in zhuozhou stable good work, go out to work. In a real estate company when working, LiJunFeng saved enough money to buy a the most fashionable nokia mobile phones. Is the mobile phone, changed his life's fate, achievements for the mobile phone make up his wealth dream.

LiJunFeng recalled when he's this phone style special personality, to phone screen is blue, the time of it to the AD is "blue glamour". He took it as a treasure in the unit to show off for a long time, but before long, the colleague also one using the phone. LiJunFeng began to wonder how can make their own mobile phone continue to keep the characteristic, he sought to that call purikura stickers on the exterior of the mobile phone posted, the effect is not to do so. LiJunFeng think,crystal candle stand if can the phone to change the shape this much good! Can highlight the personalized, and can put off paint, scratches are covered. This idea, he sought to printers, will the design that he likes print in the stickers, then the pressure of a plastic film, final reoccupy kedao cut out mobile phone shape stick on phones, mobile phone is like in a new shell. Many colleagues see all like.

After that, many people have to please LiJunFeng help print mobile phone stickers. In early 2002, LiJunFeng mind suddenly sparkle with a thought, oneself always want to venture, since there are so many people like to cell phone "suddenly turn hostile", why don't you take this as a businesses open shop? So, he put the jobs saved 18000 dollars money all out in Beijing, xidan rented a small cut counter, equipment is a very simple computer, and scissors and print with stickers.

First two months although I do not make money, but also can balance payments. But before long, the LiJunFeng found to print sticker fewer and fewer people. Originally, this kind of traditional stickers, in the packaging film plastic before need pressure, two layer thickness picture inconvenience fold, only one side to stick to last. So LiJunFeng began to new method. Finally, LiJunFeng a solo exhibition in the meeting, found a printer to print out photos have not plastic. So he immediately to find manufacturers, hope the printer manufacturers can transform into his need to print beauty of paster printer.

But even look for several printer manufacturer, the somebody else all too amount is too small and refused LiJunFeng, but he did not give up to find. Finally and manufacturer hit it off, this is now the professional phone beauty the appearance of the printer. New printers production came out, and print out phone beauty materials are not only wear-resisting, crystal pen setfrivolous, and has the very good ductility, still can very easily the customer's photos, signature do mobile phone up. This is what LiJunFeng want to effect.

The effects of the new equipment to attract a lot of customer's eyes, LiJunFeng cellphones stickers can make each month on 3000 multivariate.

To do a professional professional
The July 2003 a day, a customer here to stay, want to buy this printer, LiJunFeng keenly feel "the opportunity to come". Soon, with the mobile phone sticker technology, in just two months he developed more than 50 of fixed-point customers. But he soon found himself this don't accept JiaMengFei business model, basically a hammer sales, profit is not ideal. After a summary, LiJunFeng readjust the direction of management, the decision on mobile phones beauty technology, with a series of technology transfer to join, earn becoming number of a fee, being and not his concentration for mobile phone beauty and earn some money consumables.

How to develop the mobile phones beauty programs, and to attract members? LiJunFeng has been looking for new opportunities. Hear the joining trader asked, cell phone off paint, have Nick, can repair, LiJunFeng heart has ling xi, cell phone painting not also can become himself and a new business? From then on he began to design small painting equipment, for the test.crystal car model And soon developed a set of in addition to paint, paint, grinding and mobile phones beauty related technologies, and developed by the apply to cell phone paint the low cost of curing, drying paint curing equipment, keep the cell phone "XinZhuang" long keep gloss.

Because of this LiJunFeng phone beauty technology equipment is small, practical technology, low cost, general alliance business easy to accept. Mobile phone make up more does more elegant, market bigger and bigger, and he also got rich rewards.

2004 years later, LiJunFeng career began in earnest. Mobile phones are increasingly popular, in addition to answer the phone, but also need to personalized. Developed a mobile phone, kirin coloured drawing or pattern, cell phone casing posted the new technology.
In 2008, develop and exquisite beauty can be coated machine mobile phone.
In 2011, in order to adapt to the modern society of quick and convenient rhythm, developed daqin 3 D phone makeup system and 3 D self-help mobile phone paster machine, keep the cell phone makeup simple LianSuoHua standardization.

In March 2012, China's mobile phone users and more than 1 billion cell phone related peripheral output value of nearly 200 billion yuan, this is a very big market, to cell phone greater development stage makeup.

Leading mobile phones beauty "revolution"
LiJunFeng phone beauty through a bumpy road. Because technology does not pass, beauty of the mobile phone after edge, peeling, once affect business. In order to overcome difficult technical problems, appear LiJunFeng, special preparation "5 r&d team". The key technology of restricting mobile phones beauty is the quality of the printer. To this, the improvement of their target in a printer. Through a special printer with foreign manufacturers to research, they use the 8 months time developed a special phone beauty for the coating printers, industry insiders called "mobile phone beauty of a revolution".

Now, LiJunFeng and his colleagues adopt new mobile phones beauty coating printing, mobile phones beauty is more delicate and exquisite, pictures and mobile phone one integrated mass, allows the more beautiful, practical. Now, the main business of our company includes "mobile phone daqin makeup artist", coating beauty, hot stamping beauty, "many cell phone rings hall", mobile phone silver drilling, mobile phone crystal signet images, repair scratch, mobile phone spray paint, renovation, add color, add background light wait 30 kind of form.

At present, is located in changan avenue along the west,crystal business gift next to the graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences LiJunFeng of the professional phone makeup to join headquarters, have passed ISO9001 international quality system authentication. Mobile phone companies to the individualized product as the core business, from initial decorated with mobile phone packaging, to complex the package, mobile phone interior, scrolling technology, chord technology, film coating technology, mobile phone PFM spray paint, repair the scratch, mobile phones beauty refurbished...... All available rooms. With the cell phone market is increasingly heated up, their products is also constantly, personalized mobile phone in daqin here to get an unprecedented increase and leap. "Many" this loud name also began on the phone to ring the follow-up service areas.

"Your personality, I am happy" value goal
"People of cell phone personalized requirement, the higher the phone beauty 'money' way the limit." LiJunFeng very confident of this.

LiJunFeng aim to make different age groups and different needs and different interests, different country of the people in "many" can find oneself to like mobile phones beauty scheme.

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