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Crystal photoelectric last year in income increased by 31% to 410 million yuan this year from shots

Crystal photoelectric release 2011 earnings, annual realize business income is 433 million yuan, up about 30.51% from the same period last year, and realize the total profit of 150 million yuan, up about 37.60% from the same period last year, belongs to the shareholders of a listed company net profit of 122 million yuan, an increase of 30.23% last year.

Our company with optical optoelectronic components processing to rely on, vigorously develop precision optical coating product, speeds up the new energy related product development. At present the main product precision optical thin film components, sapphire substrates (including PSS), miniature projection module and other products of the production, processing and sales. Products are widely used in digital cameras, mobile phones, computers are photographed camera, monitoring system, the projector, playstation image field and semiconductor lighting area.

2011 year LED industry needs because of fluctuation and the expansion of production capacity, LED the sapphire substrates of main raw material crystal material price long a severe drop,crystal gifts manufacturer decline was as high as 50% above, leading to the company's inventory cause certain unrealized loss.

In addition, crystal photoelectric issued 2012 annual investment plan, the total investment 410 million yuan, and the specific related major investment progress on discretionary arrangement, the implementation process and the examination and approval procedures according to relevant provisions shall apply. Specific project investment into raising capital projects and not to raise funds projects, the plan is as follows:

A project investment and raise funds

Precision photoelectric film components including infrared end filter (especially blue glass infrared), SLR, single electricity, narrowband project planning, other depending on market conditions determined, plan 200 million yuan; Including 120 million in infrared end filter directly from jiangxi crystal investment implementation. Among them, the research and development center construction investment of 10 million yuan.

Second, the project investment to raise funds

1) sapphire substrates project: according to the market demand, crystal craft companyadjust the structure of products, expand PSS production line, plans to invest 40 million yuan;
2) technology transformation: the main project reform is the automation, used for automatic detection equipment, and other products, plan 10 million yuan;
3) jiaojiang the new factory: land and planning, infrastructure,crystal hanging decoration and part of the plant investment is 80 million yuan;
4) technology development spent 20 million yuan;

5) foreign investment of 50 million yuan RMB, the key industrial chain, JiShuLian around company extend investment, such as crystal base m&a and optical communication products, medical treatment using optical sighting glass, microscopic imaging system cooperation.


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