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Samsung LCD panel monopoly propaganda machine panel false

Samsung electronics: devoid of conscience
As the leading company in the field of liquid crystal display (LCD), samsung electronics to global peers took a very bad head.

In the present Chinese enterprises have been learn samsung "hot, samsung electronics is on the Chinese market in the global and frequently in" be questioned, accused of "the vortex of. The reporter sees, early in the years to finish before the global liquid crystal display industry chain of the layout of the whole samsung electronics, in global LCD panel firmly occupy, global LCD TV, global TV monitor, and other fields behind the first market share, but also exists to "price monopoly" unfair means such as, infringe upon the global is located in the downstream industry products manufacturers,diamond supplier the buyer's interests.

A few days ago, samsung electronics market in China and be reported, its sales of high-end LCD TV to promote "samsung original" a fraud suspected of consumers. The reason is a period of time, samsung electronics in the home appliance sells noted "samsung original black crystal panel" changed to "the black crystal panel", from "samsung original" on, suggesting that the existence of propaganda.

So far, samsung electronics to give the matter not social and public to "reasonable explanation". However, the reporter learns, as early as 2006 samsung and other foreign had been complaints for Taiwan "screen camouflage samsung panel incarnation high-end big price war", and samsung admitted that "in the low end products series use Taiwan screen".

Home appliance experts in Puritan points out, "samsung TV whether use of the Taiwan screen, or samsung screen, is understandable, but can't use enterprise manufacturing advantages, and form of market and consumer's right to know.crystal wine stopper manufacturer Couldn't be more damage in the pursuit of market benefit maximization, with false propaganda etc fraudulent means harm the interests of consumers and occupy the market."

So to see, the absolute market share of industrial chain under the layout, promote the enterprise in the nascent market share at the same time, it also become enterprise without extra trouble "monopoly" downstream to manufacturers and users of seeking illegitimate interests provide huge when convenient.

The immediate interests of plunder under monopoly

Monopoly, and leading enterprise is a pair of "was like peas and carrots" brother.

In samsung electronics to global LCD panel finish after the layout of the industry, to benefit as the guidance establish "LCD panel community of interests", and finally to the lower reaches of manufacturers and terminal consumer form "price monopoly", to avoid "LCD panel market prices were low, realize enterprise investment benefits maximum" goal.

Since the 2008 San Francisco court with samsung electronics and LG launched the major global electronic led LCD panel production enterprise of monopoly investigation, the European Union antitrust regulators the eu commission on samsung electronics and related survey. Last year, South Korea fair trade commission (FTC) to seek common manipulate the market price for, announced on samsung electronics and LG electronics, and other Asian LCD panel manufacturers to 194 billion won a fine, fine and South Korea in the history of the highest.

In 2010, the San Francisco court ruled that samsung electronics and LG electronics, the world's sharp LCD panel giant conspiring to manipulate prices, leading to downstream enterprise, consumers pay higher fees.crystal candle stand Court ruled that, in the 1999 to 2006 years, whether directly or indirectly buy buy LCD panel LCD TV, display and other products of the customers and consumers, all of these panel manufacturers filed a lawsuit, demand compensation. The panel price monopoly case at least influence to millions of American consumers, they use of computers, mobile phones, flat screen TV, and many other home appliance is because contain elements involved and be damaged. In 2011, samsung, sharp and other six home the LCD panel manufacturers, agreed to pay a $388 million fine to settle a LCD panel buyers in the U.S. federal court in San Francisco a class action lawsuits.

Earlier, in the European Union for South Korea LG electronics and five LCD panel production enterprise total a 649 million euro fine, although samsung electronics also participate in implementing LCD panel prices monopolistic conduct, but the European commission disclosure: samsung electronics to the price control behavior exposure, finally from fine punishment.

As global LCD panels show industry the main control in with "samsung electronics and LG electronics", as a representative of the minority several enterprise hands, once they form community of interests, easily on the downstream of the relevant industries and consumers the influence. The domestic LCD TV enterprise people has revealed, "over the past few years the LCD panel to the cost of 50%, 60%, 80% between the highest, although the global LCD industry intensified competition, but LCD panel prices have been relatively stable. In the lower reaches of the whole machine manufacture enterprise and no bargaining power. They don't ask for reduction, it is these suppliers from time to time, the price can only dare draws anger can't speak."

In the global liquid crystal display of the industry's "price interests alliance", samsung electronics is obviously "meritorious". On one hand, through the interests "alliance"crystal gift baby on downstream manufacturers and end user interests caused damage; On the other hand, active exposure joint KongJia avoid price league antitrust authority of punishment.

In Puritan view, the "samsung electronics of these works, is typical of the use of their own to market dominance in the global LCD panels show, industry, ' 'drag form, monopoly on the surface of the damage, such as buyers just panel TV, computers, mobile phones and other manufacturing enterprise in the interests of the final damage or end user interests." San Francisco court explicitly pointed out that, "LCD panel or indirectly buy LCD TV, display and other products of the customers and consumers, all of these panel manufacturers filed a lawsuit, demand compensation."


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