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Industrial upgrading drive demand chengdu gift show thrusting the western market

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"West triangle circle" strategic position, sichuan, chongqing and shaanxi province has clearly put to local economic development tourism as the pillar industry, the development of tourism with all kinds of popular undoubtedly gifts, souvenirs with the regional characteristic of demand. According to relevant data shows, only chongqing every year about thirty billion of the gift market; Historical and cultural city of chengdu, the annual gift market about around sixty billion. As the living environment requires the continuous improvement, household life gradually to the refinement, quality, more household act the role ofing is tasted into the domestic average homes.


In the face of such huge market, lizhan sinoexpo and chengdu city government to create "the west household gift to the no.1", in order to build up the exhibitors in southwest of market development platform. According to the organizing committee introduction, this exhibition display cover the household products, home textile, family adornment, sports and tourism supplies, leisure products, gift, handicraft, gifts, ceramics, crystal glass, glass products, leather bags, and the regional characteristic all types of gifts of 20 kinds of products such as categories, there will be more than 30000 kinds of other crystal pendant chinagifts household product will appear on.


At present, the chengdu gift show of ostentatious work has been near the end, the southwest of the exhibitors actively participate and gift industry association of sichuan province, sichuan gift industry to its members to participate the organization of chamber of commerce. South China coastal areas of the east China exhibitors west the big market have higher triangle expectation, shenzhen association appliances, shenzhen JinBoYuan, shenzhen qing chess book, shenzhen KangGe, fuzhou rita, German world lang (Shanghai), Shanghai vision, Shanghai industry is filled...... And so on a large number of industry croc will appear on the exhibition. Because the exhibitors demand, chengdu gift show booths at present is a difficult beg state.


Chengdu gift show has been successfully held three issues, the exhibition will intensify the professional buyers invitation, the organizers are visiting nearly hundred professional present market,crystal bottle stopper chengdu in sichuan province as the core, sichuan ten level 2 city as the key area, radiation chongqing, yunnan, guizhou, gansu and shaanxi, qinghai, Tibet and western cape provinces. In addition, to the tourist attractions, chengdu as the

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