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XiaShi coloured glaze: is the beauty of Chinese classical culture quintessence now

Coloured glaze, deposition of the magnificent history, she passed the three thousand years of time and space, with the rich keep not collect wear colour. The song as the colour and lustre of tears flow, as if still in tears of FanLiShi don't tell xi shi QiQi earnestly, crystal tear drop the chest pledge of "I",crystal gifts manufacturer this cast jian of firmness when things, and a soft touch for. "I flow to the name", from this and come.

Chinese colored graze in ancient China culture and modern is the perfect combination of art, its time excessive colour, changing magnificent, east is delicate, exquisite, implicative, reflect, it is the reconciliation of thoughts and feelings and art.

Harmonious beauty of be willing to part with or use Italy (the beauty of smooth shadow) coloured glaze of the United States, save YuGuangYing between game, become the top of his characters. A shadow of meaning, however, makes light increasingly and lithe and graceful; People have a human, but make things more spiritual; Casting pieces painstakingly, jade unexpectedly to interest of breath; Cut pieces, heavy and complicated, but now the joy of a device. Harmonious beauty, "is a great beauty. Choice of Italy, is refers to much.

Glittering and translucent get rid of infuse the elves (clear beauty) in coloured glaze, big or small, or float or sink bubble, the characteristics of coloured glaze is life. Those bubbles randomly in the glittering and translucent get rid of the crystal, floated in the feminine color belt between. Pleasure is free and easy, is say more,crystal table clock or integrity verve, coloured glaze in his defense, we're listening.

"XiaShi coloured glaze" by Shanghai three Chinese fir handicraft Co., LTD in 2001 roll out ceremoniously trademark brand handicraft. Shanghai three Chinese fir crafts Co., LTD. Was founded in 1998, is a national federations of industry and commerce gift industry association executive director unit, the saying "gift enterprise, crystal candle standShanghai excellent private enterprise. "XiaShi coloured glaze" inherits the classical Chinese culture quintessence, combining modern creation process, once roll out, and cause strong reaction in the Chinese market.

The tang dynasty to yuan "to sing coloured glaze" in describing such a "colored with ice, nothing that every beautiful", transmits the coloured glaze brilliant attractive elegant demeanour. In XiaShi see before coloured glaze, appreciate this poem is very difficult to achieve this general artistic conception. In shenzhen gift show, to let me into the XiaShi coloured glaze, its bright and dazzling light coloured glaze from booth injection, suddenly let I understand the poet's artistic conception, use the "colored with ice, nothing that every beautiful" to praise XiaShi coloured glaze proper.


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